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A Realtopia: so called because these events are not post-apocalyptic, but take place in times that resemble our own.
The nation’s dictatorial and decadent regime under President Jocelyn has been overthrown by a coalition of bordering states; they together, the G.R.A., practice a hybrid of social reform and tech-nological control. Anton Leonhardt has grown up without attachments. He falls in love often, and lacks emotional self-control. The ease with which he can be exploited makes him the center of operations for Herward, a soldier of the G.R.A.; the Utdrife, the disinherited of the peninsular Hidtha tribe; Palma, a general of the resistance; the Swisshelm sisters, poor academics who deal in bitter humor, unreconciled to the loss of the old regime that predated Jocelyn; and Mary Wainwright, a dilettantish reporter who loves Anton.


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