Calmacott’s Brother:

Michael Calmacott answers the summons. Speaking up makes you the man in charge . . . he ought to have learned it at the front.

Calmacott’s Brother (two):

Michael draws from Henry the memory of moonlight excursions and rumors of a gypsy camp.

The Farmer’s Wife (one):

Mathilda Arthur, unhappy in marriage, alone most days with her chores and gramophone.

The Farmer’s Wife (two):

Bessie, reckless daughter of Arthur’s manager Stewart, is isolated here, as is Mathilda — but Bessie is stronger in will.


Hot-tempered Bernard Arthur speaks his piece — how his flaw, too-well known to the neighbors, brought ruin on his house.

Henry Calmacott (one):

The Dobunni appear: young pagans, fond of a story. Henry, beginning to accept Michael’s death, begins to lose composure.

Henry Calmacott (two):

He tells the host and the guest how once he’d courted Bess Arthur. Michael returns at the Celtic daughter’s invitation, to tell the rest of what he knows.

Unfortunate Death:

Arthur gives his reason; Mathilda offers him forgiveness.


Let Them Go:

The time has come for Henry to smash the three marbles; to set his brother’s soul, entangled with those of Mathilda and Bernard, free.



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