Third Tourmaline: A Friend (final)

  A Friend (final)   The corporal’s impulse to friendship had not been blunted by Anton’s discouragement. He called again, and when all the silver had been polished, and the furniture sat adorned with it, winking at envy, Herward made a suggestion. “Some of the new officials . . . you know, the city is […]

Elucidate: go without fear (psalm twenty-seven)

    Elucidate   You elucidate, I comprehend; I awake to your Destruction of my sin This illusion of the mortal vehemently dispelled Your ardor crosses the celestial sun The mistaken falter, are cast down Blood and gold Reaching, holding still You have contemplated me I have obtained grace End this time of trouble Finish, […]

“To One in Paradise”: Inimical: Chapter Nine

To One in Paradise   I was looking on Pinterest for material on Edgar Allan Poe. His poem “Alone” is popular there. What I consider Poe’s great talent, and what makes him worth studying, is that quick acceleration, shifting mood from memory, to melancholy musing, to sudden peril.         “Ulalume” gives, arguably, […]

Beta Version of Figure Theme added to Preview

Rough yet, but easy to get the idea. Figure theme on Preview page.       I’ve added a sound clip to my preview page, so if you like music, stop by and listen! (M4A is the file type.)   See Figure Page    

Field Marks (poem)

  Field Marks   What makes the clannist rich though he cries poor He never chooses his pleasures but enjoys them all His lustful wish is to be begged for help And refuse it   She hears a crunch of shoes, a tuneless tune A male whistle. Those things, like coughs, can be told No, […]

The Impresario: an alphabet (part nine)

  Part NIne   To a sheltering place Like a sea bird flown High where rays of sun make gentle Winter’s violent froth and foam He sees a lonely man below Whose feet set on a cliff’s edge stumble The fit passes, in commotion of known voices Pierre can’t stop them crowding past the tent […]

The Lay of the Land: Fourth Tattersby

  The Lay of the Land   “I imagine…I will not say admit…the possibility of cordial relations— You see what he’s done here.” The tenant of Wisham’s Hill Cottage has got the field gate closed to traffic For good, more or less…for the time being Put a sinister trip-wire run through a boundary stone “He […]

Are You Jealous (second)

    Are You Jealous (second)   Gabriel was startled. “It isn’t yours,” Eva said. He made an uncertain finger-flail towards the screen. “No,” she said. Eva moved to the side of the desk; she placed her hands on the clock. “McFadden,” Eva told him, “wanted to invite you to his gathering. Henderson might have […]

The Impresario: an alphabet (part three)

  Part Three   Regalus masked moves lithe through the torchlit throng Pierre the Seer guides her, brusque in the distance he keeps But cocksure in his speech, his purpose strong She pities her poor Tortu and her small Dauphin Like a mother, she has helped to dress and feed them She cannot tell the […]

The Big Pants (part two)

  The Big Pants (two)   Jackie was having a number of unworthy feelings. She’d caught herself a moment ago, standing by, waiting for Luisa, realizing she’d expected Luisa to take the lead. She didn’t know what Luisa did for a living. “Now, I suppose,” Luisa asked her, “we each pick from one of the […]