Flash fiction on Torsade. My very short pieces are mostly given historical settings. I’ve chosen a slide format to make the reading experience resemble a magazine’s, an old-fashioned digest’s, as well as for easy pinning.


“May Day”—light comedy with a serious undertone; a cold war tale set in 1951.


May Day header slide with illustration of cold war hearingMay Day Slide Two textMay Day Slide Six


Continued from All the Sires . . .


1950. In search of the Ivory-billed woodpecker, Arbuthnot finds himself starting off on the wrong foot. ¬†(Why’s it called that?)

Sires Slide OneSires Slide TwoSires Slide Three

Continued from Pine . . .


1938. Bridie Ford gets a visit from the FSA man, just when her husband, Salvador, has worked up one of his rages.

text slide for flash fiction pinetext slide two for flash fiction pinetext slide three flash fiction pinetext slide four flash fiction pine


Continued from Fallen Short . . .


Darian returns to her childhood home, with thoughts of mis-communication.


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