Are You Haunted: part five

Are You Haunted (five)   “I hope no one…” He’d been on the verge of a conventional remark. But how tidily arranged the sparkling wreckage was….how densely packed and flush the filled chambers were; how devoid, how sanitized, how stripped clean was the entire site, of any debris much larger than a splinter of glass. […]

On Taste: You and Society (two)

  On Taste: You and Society      (two)   Canonized taste in the matter of poetry.   “A poem has to make me think…contain one striking image…illuminate the struggle of existence through intimate experience…”   Such statements may be gropings after a true value. Your own values are solidified—made apparent to you—by the means […]

My Blog Week: Dec 3 to Dec 9

All the Latest from Torsade!             As usual, the week began with its installment of A Figure from the Common Lot. In Imprisoned, part three, Honoré has a sad remembrance, and a visit with Broughton to a safe house. Two self-contained poems (not part of any ongoing series) went up Monday […]

Imprisoned: part four

Imprisoned (four)       “Let us say then,” Broughton continued, “that you, unable to conceal your presence from this visitor, and sensibly recognizing the position rather a compromising one, open the door to him. He charges you with an errand. He has brought a letter; he asks that you deliver this letter to Captain […]

Are You Haunted: part four

Are You Haunted (four)       He gave no emphasis to this, other than to rise, and fix Powell with a frank, direct stare. Isobel had slipped away. Tovey, moving towards the barn, and dropping one conversational shoe after the other, had induced Powell to change his position. She’d left, he thought, when her […]

The Yellow Press: a mini-biography of the Sugar King

The Yellow Press: part one   The Yellow Press was not a term the reading public applied to journalism; it was a term newspapers used to excoriate one another. The feuds erupted notably in the year 1898, when America entered its war with Spain over Cuba. That same year, the term emerged strongly in the […]

Bad Counsel: part three (short story)

Bad Counsel (three)     “Is that man dead?” Karen asks.   And that’s the thing. Andrée couldn’t even relate this story to Buel. So your mother asked, “Is that man dead?” But…because I was laughing. Because she comes in and talks about the things I’m doing as if I was part of some alien […]

My Blog Week: Nov 26 to Dec 2

All the Latest from Torsade!           In this week’s installment of A Figure from the Common Lot, Honoré, though certain he is still a prisoner, leaves his room — a sign to Broughton that he is ready to begin his training. In the second part of “Bad Counsel”, Andrée’s sense of unwelcomeness […]

Imprisoned: part three

Imprisoned (three)       Every several days afterward, when he returned from the pit, Feriet fell on the house like a cloud of ash; his largeness seemed to suck the oxygen from his wife’s lungs. He emerged, and she sank. Alone, Honoré’s sister could check her ire, be fair to the children, generous, when […]

Are You Haunted: part three

Are You Haunted (three)     “Same place you started out this morning.” He crowded Isobel into the corner on their side of the booth, and answered Powell with his mouth full. He leaned low over his plate as he forked at his hash browns. He sat up straighter. “That’s the house we’re talking about.” […]