Are You Alienated: part seven

Are You Alienated (seven)     A name caught her eye. Below the title, at the entry for the middle book of the series: Stranglehold: 1913-1919, Years of Conflict, Minta noticed the words, “Foreword by Roland Slater, Ph.D.” She thought, there aren’t likely to be two of them. And she still had Dr. Slater’s email […]

It Spoke of Its Broken Bones (poem)

  It Spoke of Its Broken Bones   The language master tracing lines of typeface with his finger The bronze smith’s Victory and Lamentation Her strength in dry dirt bordered with Black shadow All bedlam courses past She lights her wings unfurl With an odor of things suspended Warm stalls imbued with reverent thought of […]

Promoted to Exile: conclusion

Promoted to Exile (three)   If he liked looking at it as his advocate would have him do, Herward could say the affair had served to call attention to his availability. They wouldn’t like him entrenched in his work, proprietary in mood, growing secretive because he liked his reputation, lying, at length, to protect it. […]

Are You Alienated: part six

Are You Alienated (six)   “I don’t want to say the wrong thing…” Minta was cautious. Emmett, having checked his emotion earlier, had spoken this time with real anger. “…but I don’t understand. I mean, it’s awful, but what makes it a joke?” She let her voice trail into meekness. She found Torbay unlikeable, as […]

Chum (poem): from The Nutshell Hatches

  Chum   Will you be my chum Sink with me under the bubbling swell Or take your hacksaw to the cable Release the weight of me That binds you Still We are side by side   Keep the pear tree, lose the partridge Keep the gold rings, sack the servants Forecast for your future […]

Figure: Battlefront (second)

A Figure from the Common Lot Battlefront (two) He shrugged extravagantly, as for the second time his fingers probed its depths. If she would quit tapping her foot and glaring at him with such vigilance, he would drop this, listen for its ring against the floorboard, spin round as though following the coin’s trajectory with […]

My Blog Week: Oct 1 to Oct 7

Yesterday, I posted a new video on my YouTube channel, a tune with a dance beat, and images from the blog.   My Blog Week: October 1 to October 7   This week, A Figure from the Common Lot debuted. Honoré Gremot arrives on the scene, and his misadventures begin. I posted the first installment […]

The Second Idea (poem)

The Second Idea   “Hobbes,” she said. That’s the thing, right? Like, the three main characters… Yeah, I get it, her partner says, ticking off fingers Nasty. Brutish. Short. They made their bargain with the Duke But…what’re we gonna call him…the older brother? So the younger brother was pretending to be him But then, because […]

They Won’t Return: Haunt of Thieves

  They Won’t Return   Tide fans up the estuary a warm salt froth That rinses rot, that hinge of flesh Holding a clamshell shut The gulls discard them careless cracked To bake and stink with dragging seaweed And wooden ribs will lose their battle The fisher in his stilt-house barters For half a hull […]

The Bog: part four (short story)

The Bog (four)   Now Laurel heard a country singer, the crackle of an energy bar unwrapped. Her sister might do this…be on the phone, snack and play music, put busyness between them. The sojourn would end, and they would not have spent it together. Rachel was nervous, out of her element. Laurel’s own phone […]