Music to the Silent Spirit (poem)

  Music to the Silent Spirit   Each time a scale was shed The poor belabored beast re-shod And every time the winch was turned A sleeve-end drawn and bunched The chain’s links locked A shocking tragedy   Unwanted weight dislodged with a careless turn Slumps from the precipice and polishes The surface like the […]

Episodes (poem)

  Episodes   city life thickens the plot confined To a living room parochial A heavy laugh-track, man and wife Taped to the carpet apron to tie Before a sofa black and white “Mess this up, I’m gonna kill ya!” “Try it and yer on yer own!” Ha. The kitchen through the window By fire […]

The Folly fifth arc: The German Spy (one)

  The Folly The German Spy     Perhaps a Pair of Eyes   Can a man in Tattersby’s estate Plant his feet and lift the standard Do we contemplate to name this tidal movement (a little shaver chipped from the block of ancient manners) The Modern Chivalry Dames to entertain the dropping of a […]

Now Requesting Action (poem)

  Now Requesting Action   All places unbelongers unbelong Equally are home, all household words Equal to expression of mundanity Unworldly this household is freeheld Like the angle of a cell constructs a shell Like a marriage of two fiefdoms must Superadd a garment to a crust The foot inside the boot sold for a […]

Investigation (poem)

    Investigation   Think of a reasonable start Think of property Attribute Value or character Kernel, bare-bones truth Pith, intrinsic worth, the molten core The heart of gold, the nut Diamond in the rough The call, the mission, cause Awakening The deaf, the empty vessel, cabbage head The beckoning dead, the comfortably seated And […]

Poison in the Marrow: tenth Pale Knight

  The Folly The Legend of the Pale Knight     Poison in the Marrow   Now Trout had had an aunt A woman inculcated with a fair education Of course, one mustn’t laugh No. There, but for the grace of… She’d spoken of burning one’s Rubicons behind one He feels, coming to himself, the […]

Bride to Be (two)

  Bride to Be (two)   I was for solitude and a certain path That crossed a bridge so narrow Here where the men stood off In disobedience I spurred my mount Daughter, you have seen it for yourself How rare this treasure is To be alone   In my father’s household dwelt a rival’s […]

Refuge of Scoundrels (poem)

  Refuge of Scoundrels   I am fidelity locked in the shell Of a barnacle, no bounding sea shall Pry me from the pier The pier itself then topple in the tempest And there, still for the hell of me, until the bout’s end bell I clamp on like a manacle, like a thousand pounds […]

Where End Meets Beginning: ninth Pale Knight

  The Folly The Legend of the Pale Knight     Where End Meets Beginning   Now, he allows for those romantic fancies That titillate the female set Virginia, Trout views with an oblige suited To a scientific man’s noblesse Trout, who knows his shutter speeds And chemical baths—and grades of films Appropriate for this […]

Boat Rentals (poem)

  Boat Rentals   She tilts up a shutter Her cart is cereal-box proportioned Plywood corners puff like biscuits Coated flyspecks score like nail tips   She issues metal tokens Her hair Grey with a cast of butter Lanking it iridescent like an abalone The bones say pretty met misfortune   Hours of commerce sober […]