Like Hell (poem)

    Like Hell   On your honor Or upon your oath Do swear to, or in association with (at any rate) Today you see there’s advantage in planning ahead Just where it tells most, go slot in a word That’s no one’s bond, assuredly not yours Not only because they used to Used to…? […]

The Cook: part three (poem)

    The Cook: part three   Has the night’s frost made bitter marrow Rows of vine leaves melted on their stakes The pith kiln dried to make a flour For currant bread to celebrate mid-winter The seeds fermented in a pot of vinegar Kneeling men lower their billhooks and stare To see a maiden […]

Drimoct (poem)

    Drimoct   It’s always argued on the basis of the extrous Strouphes three or four times on the consciousness, then exits The whole surrender into pestiour leads to this defaulting mood I mean the yoyunk sort of pestiour, that comes from lack of roots Then the smart ones hustle in, and it’s all […]

The Cook: part two (poem)

    The Cook: part two   Seeks he in his master’s forest fallen limbs Or standing deadwood; he begins to notice birds Flock from tree to tree One carols as though lord of finches The cook clouts his staff against a stone And when the song and chatter ceases He is alone. Alone, but […]

You’ve Lost Me (poem)

    You’ve Lost Me   Might a laugh be excused Only let play and withdrawn a second after Only the news a second time Making chapter two in the book of failed tries Ironed flat between stronger signals the man who shrieked old one who consoled the flickering intercom I’m sorry think then might […]

The Cook: part one (poem)

    The Cook: part one   His armor-clad henchmen heralded By the ring of metal only, efface behind pillars That the king May like a friend stroll entering   Here in pits over embers roast Pigs and goats on great spits skewered; And by scullions leathern-visaged Bred to the kitchen fire tended Warned by […]

Men (one): eighth German Spy

  The Folly The German Spy     Men (first)   He said, ‘Smile, Agnes. Always smile.’ Serna the milliner dispassionately surgical Limning his foundling’s looks She’d felt safe, so ill-prepared in going out Wounded and angry and oddly at home In Marseille he was mother to her, telling her ‘Your brows are too low, […]

That Wrath (poem)

    That Wrath   He could not be accused of smiling still Did (as in old speech) the sun hold prophecy She held these signs In her cloudless cabochon On frosty ground no evil thing takes root But here seed-heads of autumn grass Boil, and the salt-estuary boils Any bitterns with their bills up […]

The New Bogossus (poem)

      The New Bogossus   Not less of dash and balder—Mencken’s meme Nor so dignified as Nixon’s “not a crook” Yet gusts such that the phrase “retarding wind” Seems sumoned forth midst rhetoric run amok A mighty personality bestrides The neo-conner’s erstwhile throne of reason Mother of Jesus! the disenfranchised cry Democracy’s sword […]

When You See God (poem)

Posted by ractrose on 19 Jun 2018 in Art, Poems

    When You See God   When you see god nose your horizon Inconvenient choosing the hour before the alarm goes off Before you lift your fork Before you find your pen and jot your thought An acronym, had it been? for blunder A plan you’d had to get thinner By mistake you run […]