Decoration Day (poem)

  Decoration Day   There is a gentling terrain Of tussocked bluestem parchment brown Straw that compliments a bloom Turning the new leaves glaucous Color schemed by negligence Sallow below, a bloodless husk calicoed into cloth And lichen over stone and marbled bone Verdigris, vanilla…moss viridian Will here be advertised by name An ancestor the […]

The Loath of Oilty (poem)

    The Loath of Oilty   You, the undersigned Sacrifice your present ha ppiness for future winnings The future is the be st place for be ach combings and the shaking out I saw the shine Of a crushing double blood Macchiato lime twist with a cinnamon stick Moonbeam Bearing heavy on the vanishing […]

The Sovereignty (poem)

    The Sovereignty   King toad in straw basketed with his fellow Rivals lords of hollows under walls King toad yellows shrinking sandy-hued withal His eyes squeezed wise to the sovereignty of tucking He sighs himself flat and banks his warmth Like to a sun-baked skipping stone he can Be a pleasing object in […]

The Immortal Lake: parts one and two

    The Immortal Lake (part one)   Now rose like the deadly rhythm of its prose So many letters Sugar in the bowels of flying ants The bartering itself was such an effort Ceaseless work performed to ceaseless song The overseer’s voice coming on The knocking and the pattern carved on trees He, but […]

Oracle (poem)

    Oracle   Be ossuary of the boneyard Be statuary of the arcade Stealing tale-bearing, stop Freeze in relief but soft Catwalk over the under with stealthful feet An icicling drip of sewer fat Piles on the pit of the catacomb That underpinning of the street A caryatid hefts upon her head entablature A […]

A Chain: fifth German Spy

  The Folly The German Spy     A Chain   A woman who has done no wrong in life Leaves her front door Leaves it to decide, as objects can To click or slam…in its own good time Skulduggery in mind Discounting nursery crimes…her guvie’s frog …indeed, to a helpless thing she’d once been […]

Demimonde (poem)

    Demimonde   Starting fresh a heart for bold endeavor The probing intellect makes like an inspector For as the renovators have the door ajar The walls pulled down floes of plaster Pushed by traversing traffic to shore Up against sawbucks chunks of gear Where cords lie plugged together The tiles hexagonal shorn flakes […]

And Still (poem)

    And Still   And still, they know nothing of laying pipes, or stacking bricks They would be curious and agog at these Shyly confer upon themselves nobility Of feeling, of sensitivity To let the layers lay and the stackers stack And still, they know nothing of policing streets Certain they have not and […]

Explication (poem)

Posted by ractrose on April 23, 2018 in Art, Poems

  Explication   Morbid feet on a ruminant’s road They are speaking likenesses of nervous rounding More than an anthropologist’s brush off An antelope’s roaming is found to be enough By epoch’s end we have all gone soft And taken to occupy our cushions gravely fanning a white layer of flesh Wise to keep the […]

Bride to Be (three)

Posted by ractrose on April 21, 2018 in Art, Poems

    Bride to Be (three)   Why, he said to me When guests arrive and all the household Join the feast And the women, those unplighted, keep them to their couch, apart You with your eyes demure Sipping long from a single cup Watching, under lashes, mantling Changeable, like the leaves Lifted to silver […]