La Catastrophe de la Martinique: twenty-two

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (twenty-two)               Behind the façade where they affix the grandiloquent political programs, there is this. The negro can no longer feed the white and the mulatto. Or, the white does not want to die, and the mulatto would like to live. This […]

The Meadow Report

    The Meadow Report The latest developments from the mini-habitat project.   The first shot is of my flower border along the driveway, planted mostly in deer-resistant Coneflowers, Helianthus, Shasta daisy, Tithonia (a real champion performer this year, and easy to grow from seed), and Blue aster. I also have Russian sage; and peaking […]

With Malice Towards None

Assorted Opinions With Malice Towards None, with Charity for All       The phrase comes from Abraham Lincoln’s second inaugural address, delivered 4 March 1865. America’s Civil War was winding to a close, and the hour to many seemed the darkness before the dawn. But the division, our nation’s worst (as we’d still like […]

Assorted Opinions: Grab Bag

  Assorted Opinions: Grab Bag Laser monsters       When cleaning my garage, I found a forgotten laser pointer. The cats my father had given it to me for the entertainment of, are all past cats now; but recently I’ve adopted two brothers, Ed (grey) and Chester (orange), about a year and 3 months […]

Assorted Opinions: Uneasily Enthused

Posted by ractrose on 3 Aug 2018 in Non-Fiction

Assorted Opinions Uneasily Enthused On punctuation                             Is it extreme to hate a mark of punctuation? Or…have you noticed that when people explicate, after stating their dislike for the exclamation point, or the semicolon, they begin to talk about the sorts of […]

Assorted Opinions: Hate for You, Hate for Me

Posted by ractrose on 5 Jul 2018 in Non-Fiction

    Hate for You, Hate for Me         I had the wrong idea about gossip. I thought people sowed hatefulness by putting a bad name on someone; accusing another of having done something:   “Look out, he’ll steal your lunch.” “She smokes in the bathroom.” “His resume is a joke. He […]

The Yellow Press: William Randolph Hearst

Posted by ractrose on 27 Jun 2018 in Non-Fiction

  The Yellow Press A mini-bio of William Randolph Hearst (April 29, 1863 – August 14, 1951)   America’s most recognized name in newspaper barons, W. R. Hearst, was also an active figure in politics; a collector, a real estate investor, a media mogul, who came into public life opininated and headstrong at twenty-three, with […]

Assorted Opinions: The Green-Eyed Monster

Posted by ractrose on 23 Jun 2018 in Non-Fiction

      Assorted Opinions: The Green-Eyed Monster           On a bad family vacation in 1989…a time when my father was, for some reason, going through a Rush Limbaugh phase…we (as people who have bad family vacations do) were tussling over the radio. If it had been pop music, I’d have […]

Assorted Opinions: A Cross Between

Posted by ractrose on 18 Jun 2018 in Non-Fiction

    A Cross Between             As Torsade’s mission in part, is always to stand for misfits and outsiders, and to help in any way possible disassembling the bullies’ toolkit, the serious question of humor keeps cropping, and needs addressing analytically—whenever we see another rearing-of-the-head, of: “My offense was only […]

Assorted Opinions: Dashing Off

Posted by ractrose on 8 Jun 2018 in Non-Fiction

          Assorted Opinions Dashing Off         “Burial at sea…has always been her ‘wish’,” the captain said.   Here is an opener that would make it hard to quit reading. And why? The mystery is in the punctuation. Content creators often have rules that represent a house style, implying […]