The Ad Said: part one (short story)

Short Stories The Ad Said (part one)                 The ad said, “Girls wanted. Good wages. Steady hours.” It said also: “Must pass physical exam.” “You’re crazy,” their mother said. “Come on!” Hester smacked Hermina’s arm. “Let’s go down to the corner.” Here, at the drugstore, they sometimes took […]

Please Help: conclusion

Short Stories Please Help (part four)         Their names, but he might have got them wrong…he only heard what he thought he heard…were Katrina and Lusanne. Maybe Katherina was the name of his girlfriend. Her sister had been here longer, and her accent was easier, but her name was harder to be […]

Please Help: part three (short story)

Short Stories Please Help (part three)             The glass door lurched itself open, and Milton spent some change on a 7-Up, chugging it down before moving from the hot foyer to the cold inside. It occurred to him now—too late—that maybe the guy’s instruction had been literal. Maybe there’d been […]

Please Help: part two (short story)

Short Stories Please Help (part two)         “Give him the phone. I like it.” The crouching man stood. He gave Milton a face that didn’t smile, but suppressed amusement. “Yeah, bud…think you can remember what I look like?” “No, look…” Echoing her—the one who seemed, for their short acquaintance, almost a friend—Milton […]

Please Help: part one (short story)

Short Stories Please Help                 The accent came fleetingly to his attention…and he saw no reason to care about it. People came from different places. Milton’s hand moved fish-like, a swath of metal buttons cleared by the gesture. Everywhere they wanted punch-codes. Easy getting them, though. “Hey, I […]

Cadisk: seventh Tourmaline (part three)

Tourmaline Cadisk (conclusion)       Moody, with a smile, backed a few steps, then turned and beelined through an office door. The conference table was centered between arrays of full-length windows, three doors on either end, two little hallways cutting executives from staffers, emptying to the elevator this side, the restroom, that. She would […]

Cadisk: seventh Tourmaline (part two)

Tourmaline Cadisk (part two)     Or poetry, as Anton had. A last testament, as Frederick. If you were busy matching colored squares, you might ignore permission to write. As you liked. The other person she saw was the Hidtha woman who came to take up sheets and towels, replace them. It was Palma’s own […]

Cadisk: seventh Tourmaline (part one)

  Tourmaline Cadisk (part one)           Nothing netted any longer from the ocean, the harbor and all its traffic suborned to a use, the district peopled only with transients, intractable Jocelynists, the never-seen detainees…Cadisk was a coastal town with a prison economy. Residents were less happy than inmates. They could never […]

Bad Counsel: conclusion

Short Stories Bad Counsel (seven)       When the customer has left them alone, she comes up to the booth. “Buel? Can I move in with you?”   Now Andrée is passing his house, on foot. She finds herself caught at the trailing edge of a revelation. Not a good one. The picture, vivid […]

Bad Counsel: part six

Short Stories Bad Counsel (six)         “Not paid them. I file. I always get a refund.” Maybe he’d ask how much. This buffet/carry-out place had been only a block from the lot, the walk a short one. Buel swung a chair to a bistro table by the window. “Andy!” Nicknaming her. “So, […]