Bad Counsel: part four (short story)

Bad Counsel (four)     “Most people think this is a way to make money. Property. Kid, I’ll tell you a secret. All I need to unload a piece of property is get it rented.” He was walking away, down the incline, under the concrete arch, and out to the street. He was speaking, and […]

The Bog: conclusion (short story)

  The Bog (nine)       Shouts, without the ragging note of the boy’s camp, where all the wind was on the first syllable—“Move it!”; “Shee-it, dumbass”—volleyed up, and these pitched opposite, higher. “Look out!” “Come on!” Dana shoved himself from the ground. Laurel pushed off the cooler. Above the hilltop a cloud was […]

Bad Counsel: part three (short story)

Bad Counsel (three)     “Is that man dead?” Karen asks.   And that’s the thing. Andrée couldn’t even relate this story to Buel. So your mother asked, “Is that man dead?” But…because I was laughing. Because she comes in and talks about the things I’m doing as if I was part of some alien […]

Bad Counsel: part two (short story)

Bad Counsel (two) She draws it back. She glances at the open fiberboard étagère where Andrée and her mother get their plates, their coffee mugs and cereal bowls. Andrée considers―it has crossed her mind for the first time―what Melody projects. She doesn’t care. Dust is probably good for you. If you have a soft immune […]

The Bog: part eight (short story)

The Bog (eight)     “You know Harry?” he said. “Pretty well.” “So you know Stonemill Market is pretty well empty. They got that off-road bike dealer opened up now, and they got that one restaurant.” “I can’t think of the name,” she said, because he’d paused here. “Uh. Who cares? No, I’m saying, if […]

Bad Counsel: part one (short story)

Bad Counsel (one)       This is one of the bigger things, this teaching of lessons. We descend a hill, soon to stand among the cattails at the lip of the frog pond, with Andrée and Sam Magruder, a man who may be her father. Here is Leo Magruder’s daughter, coming down, holding out […]

Authority Weighs In: conclusion

Tourmaline Authority Weighs In (three)       The driver jumped back behind the wheel. The truck, and his clothes, cap pulled to a low angle, were civilian…but the face seemed not Utdrife. And here, at these close quarters, Herward lost his cool, scrabbling round the passenger seat to the place he’d left a moment […]

The Bog: part seven (short story)

The Bog (seven)       “It’s not up to me, anyhow.” To this, she could have answered, “It’s up to the courts,” or anything to similar effect. Laurel’s wish was not to convert Dana, but to move him along. She prompted, instead: “It’s family property, in a sort of trust, but your brother doesn’t […]

Authority Weighs In: part two

  Tourmaline Authority Weighs In (two)     A lot of carry-on, involving a degree of weapons-clashing. Now, after repeated salvos of horn blasts, and one or two rifle shots that found no audible marks, had simmered down into mumbling, orders were given sharply. Then came a multi-voiced hail. “There! He’s with them!” Mary said. […]

🎃Lewis: An October short story

Lewis   Sometimes a visitor got onto the property, just as far as stepping over the ditch. The postman only stopped his car, and almost never did, only for bills. It was not a mystery, people knew an old woman lived in the Lewis house, alone. They saw her, but rarely, when she would come […]