Imprisoned: part four

Imprisoned (four)       “Let us say then,” Broughton continued, “that you, unable to conceal your presence from this visitor, and sensibly recognizing the position rather a compromising one, open the door to him. He charges you with an errand. He has brought a letter; he asks that you deliver this letter to Captain […]

Imprisoned: part three

Imprisoned (three)       Every several days afterward, when he returned from the pit, Feriet fell on the house like a cloud of ash; his largeness seemed to suck the oxygen from his wife’s lungs. He emerged, and she sank. Alone, Honoré’s sister could check her ire, be fair to the children, generous, when […]

My Blog Week: Nov 19 to Nov 25

All the Latest from Torsade!             The week began with A Figure from the Common Lot: Imprisoned (part one continued), in which Honoré is stalked and assaulted by Baum. A poem, “The Day You Were Born”, part of the TV culture series, speaks to the theme of past adventure yarns […]

Imprisoned: part two

A Figure from the Common Lot Imprisoned (two)     “But,” the other said, “I have seen these things many times. He attends well, and he does as we instruct. So, I think today, or in a day or two…” “Well,” Tweedloe answered, “you may say so.” Honoré heard wheezing, accompanied by a slow series […]

Imprisoned: part one (continued)

A Figure from the Common Lot Imprisoned (one, continued)   And it was to a nagging sense of disbelief that, without coming fully awake, Honoré regained consciousness enough to ask himself, how could it be Fulner? “Even battle must end at nightfall. And further, sorting them now would be impractical. But of course, there are […]

Another sampling of The Totem-Maker

  from “Crafter Becomes Maker” (excerpt)     One, that for so long had refused to be shaped, kept its eyes closed. I knew the totems well now, and knew it contrary. At last, it had woken itself when I’d decided to leave it outdoors. You dislike the cold, perhaps, I’d said to it. Cold […]

Battlefront: part seven

A Figure from the Common Lot Battlefront (seven)   “Murderous attacks, we cannot tolerate.” The officer spoke to Honoré. “We must, of necessity, offer no compromise. We cannot deal differently with this house or that house. Tell this girl, we can show no mercy, if she cannot persuade them to surrender.” Clotilde had heard these […]

New excerpt from Yoharie

And an excerpt within an excerpt from The Totem-Maker  Giarma and Trevor            Roberta swore…or she didn’t swear… She avowed, maybe. Dr. Witticombe wasn’t a friendly woman, per se. She didn’t have brio, among her habits of speech. She was, Giarma considered, sort of an exasperated wizard. She came out of […]

Battlefront: part six

  A Figure from the Common Lot Battlefront (six)     “I, in my time, have never known of a case that conforms to the legend. Yet, as the peasants have it, Le Sort came to be called the devil’s abode. Those accused of some crime would be tried there by ordeal. That, I think, […]

Battlefront: part five

A Figure from the Common Lot Battlefront (five)     “Lieutenant Champierre will escort you from our camp,” Aubermont told Honoré. “What is your name?” “Honoré Gremot.” “That sorts with Dupuy’s account.” Negligently, Aubermont sat leafing through the sketchbook, showing (his purpose, Honoré thought) that several of its pages had been torn away. Not knowing […]