Tried in the Fire: Inimical (episode twenty-three)

Inimical (episode twenty-three) Chapter 10 Tried in the Fire         “Now all is finished one’s mind will be easy,” said he, and came home in the evening quite sleek and comfortable. The mouse asked what name had been given to the third child. “It won’t please you any better than the others,” […]

Jerome: part five

  A Figure from the Common Lot Jerome (part five)           As Mr. Nash moved to lead his visitors back up the ward, Scheinholt’s colleague dropped behind. To Jerome, he said, in a carrying voice, not concealing his purpose, “Mr. Jerome, is it? Are you comfortable here? Do you find yourself […]

Considerations Beyond Understanding: episode twenty-two

Inimical (episode twenty-two) Chapter 9 Considerations Beyond Understanding       Trenched in at Galicia, he had risen cautiously from a sheltered position to meet a telegrapher’s runner bearing a message…the message might have been anything. Keeping low, fearful of the sniper’s bullet, he had reached out his hand. A shell had exploded, almost overhead. […]

Considerations Beyond Understanding: episode twenty-one

Inimical (episode twenty-one) Chapter 9 Considerations Beyond Understanding           “What if we have bad weather?” “Ah! You do remind me.” Aerendael scanned the plane’s interior. Oil-stained blankets were stacked, with housewifely tidiness, in what amounted to a cargo hold; Greta’s bags lined up and secured in a space behind one seat. […]

Jerome: part four

A Figure from the Common Lot Jerome (part four)           He hadn’t wanted to hear the rest; her grudge, was all it was, against Jacques’s mother. She had got his money anyway, quite a lot of it. But Anne at this rebuke locked her blue eyes on Jerome’s and he’d seen […]

The Totem-Maker: Jealousy (part one)

The Totem-Maker Chapter Two Jealousy (part one)     My place was on a sleeping porch where all the slaves of the house had their pallets. I had traveled for a day, then half another, forced to do this blindfold; allowed to see my bread and leg of fowl by the campfire, but in the […]

Considerations Beyond Understanding: episode twenty

Inimical (episode twenty) Chapter 9 Considerations Beyond Understanding           So. She had induced him to break a rule, steered him to a place of disadvantage. Had this been a diplomatic occasion—the useless phrase he’d tossed at Wrentsley—having somehow committed an offense, he would owe her a concession. Yes, when it is […]

Yoharie: Dawn

Yoharie Dawn               Dawn tapped, passed the open door at Giarma’s sigh, leading with a hanger and floral skirt. She said: “Here!” And her stepdaughter (frustrated again, interpreting a call for attention as a request for action) edged round in her chair. “Oh, I couldn’t wear that!” They were […]

Considerations Beyond Understanding: episode nineteen

Inimical (episode nineteen) Chapter 9 Considerations Beyond Understanding               A voice from out the Future cries, “On! On!”―but o’er the Past, (Dim Gulf!) my spirit hovering lies, Mute, motionless, aghast!   “To One in Paradise” Edgar Allan Poe     Kneussl arrived early, as forecast, during breakfast. For the […]

Jerome: part three

A Figure from the Common Lot Jerome (part three)         Inside, an ember of indignation flared. He lifted a hand and rested it on his stomach. He had the right, as any man had the right, to decide his own fate…to leave this city, if he liked; to make a new start, […]