Are You Loveable: part three

Are You Loveable (part three)       She appeared in the doorway. “I was going to ask if you wanted saltines with your lemonade. Did you track?” He massed into the space that led from the living room to the kitchen, filling it, as Daisy, seeking dirt, attempted egress; for a moment, Oland and […]

Are You Loveable: part two

Are You Loveable (two)           The complaint of the door diminished…then, echoing the rolling thunder, came a thud, and weak light flooded the recess beyond the railing. Paulette’s head appeared. She looked down at Mulhall over the edge of a passage, one that opened above a precipice. “What’s your name, you?” […]

Private Enterprise: Hammersmith (twenty-seven)

  Hammersmith Private Enterprise (twenty-seven)       “Cranston,” Zetland said, “believes when he undertakes a thing, that he will improve it over all undertakings of the past. If I make myself clear.” A general nod passed over his audience; he’d given them little enough to quibble at, so far. “He has made himself commander-in-chief […]

Are You Loveable: part one

Are You Loveable (part one)     “Clear out. We don’t allow no one loitering in the lobby. And I ain’t got room for any a-one of you. So clear out.” Mulhall found this lobby unpromising, more the size of a bookmaker’s corner booth. Within the meaning of the act, the Bay Tree House offered […]

Are You Haunted: conclusion

Are You Haunted (conclusion)       “The truth is, Miss Gilshannon…” Summers had parked on Washington. As he held the door for Isobel, he explained, throwing ahead a pointing finger, “I went up the way, over to Sycamore, that little street off Canal. The Keegans live in the first house, just at the corner, […]

Are You Haunted: part twelve

Are You Haunted (twelve)       He stood before a subterranean lake, black as obsidian. But now and again, as though the orchestra tuned its instruments, the shivering note of a violin or a piccolo would coincide with an expansion and compression of the lake’s surface. However, Rohdl thought, he ought not to be […]

Chickens in a Mood to Roost: Hammersmith (twenty-six)

Hammersmith Chickens in a Mood to Roost (twenty-six)         An unusual sight greeted Minnie and Shaw, as they strolled onto Hammersmith’s Main Street. If either had known a family-sized carriage, one confiding wealth—in that its brass lamps shined, their glass intact; the side panels were of a glowing mahogany that, burnished under […]

Are You Haunted: part eleven

Are You Haunted (eleven)     He put the light out, tucked the flashlight into his belt, patted the wall down to the floor, walking hand over hand along it, hating what he touched—but at all costs he could not get turned in circles. At a brisker pace, he moved back down the ramp, telling […]

Are You Haunted: part ten

Are You Haunted (ten)       “Shut up,” Guy had told him, Powell grateful for the excuse to do so. “Don’t take nothin’ to run you around, Kenzie. I won’t say for you to lock the door on the Toveys…’cause you won’t never, I know that much. But I want you to look at […]

You Never See It Coming: Hammersmith (twenty-five)

Hammersmith You Never See It Coming (twenty-five)     He had lost out on the chance to get up to Philly and talk in private with le Fontainebleau. Even this, thinking of it, irritated Shaw…not merely because he was soft on Aimee Bard, and might have permitted—for the duration of a train ride—this daydream, safe […]