A Titled Visitor: Hammersmith (twenty-two)

Hammersmith Chapter Twenty-Two A Titled Visitor         Vic, as Aimee with Curach, longed for an opportunity to pull (in this case, Monty Hogben would have to do) a confidant aside and ask—what’s it all about? Mossbunker’s height put the two of them knee to knee, and Vic bounced along eyeing the mogul’s […]

What’s the Game: Hammersmith (twenty-one)

Hammersmith Chapter Twenty-One What’s the Game         “Jane, are you feeling braced?” She lowered her voice; she didn’t bother whispering. Curach, again sitting across from them, in a cab once more, could not only hear…his posture—leaning, hands on knees—showed him an active listener. Jane was looking sleepy, but she absorbed the question. […]

Pour Some Gravy On: Hammersmith (twenty)

Hammersmith Chapter Twenty Pour Some Gravy On         Piggott came to sit, next to Hogben, settling into this chair with a luxuriant spread of knees and elbows, and motioning to the waiter attending them. “Give me a slab of that roast…pour some gravy on. Think I’ll have a bite after all.” He […]

Autocratic Mysteries: Hammersmith (nineteen)

Hammersmith Chapter Nineteen Autocratic Mysteries         A torch flared. That one might, in an upstairs reception room, in a city hotel, tended to beggar belief, and Aimee at first started, thinking something had gone wrong with the gas. But a second torch, and then a third, made the room dance with light. […]

The St. Bernard Hotel: Hammersmith (eighteen)

Hammersmith Chapter Eighteen The St. Bernard Hotel         The St. Bernard Hotel had a back way in, that allowed a cab to draw to the curb; the front, which they’d trotted smartly past, being a narrow vermillion door next to a bay window stacked under a second-floor counterpart. And through this paned […]

Having a Treat: Hammersmith (seventeen)

Hammersmith Chapter Seventeen Having a Treat         A sofa—with a blanket draped along the seat, trailing the scant carpet; a pillow on the seat, and one on the floor—was taking the wall under the windows, leaving clearance for only this rug and a little chest. Jane’s sewing table filled the angled space […]

Backborough Lane: Hammersmith (sixteen)

Hammersmith Chapter Sixteen Backborough Lane         Backborough Lane began with an infirmary, a blood-brick house with a high flight of steps and barred lower windows; these a handy place for youngsters among the throng waiting to be admitted, to clamber up and peer in at the treatment rooms. The angle of the […]

Tactical Exercises: Hammersmith (fifteen)

Hammersmith Chapter Fifteen Tactical Exercises         Mrs. Frieslander volunteered to work the tuning forks. The weight of these had nearly burst the seams of Minnie’s reticule, as she recalled, back then… She hardly knew what to think of herself. She said this aloud. Mrs. Frieslander held the fork in abeyance. Ruby heaved […]

Want Nothing Will Write: Hammersmith (fourteen)

Hammersmith Chapter Fourteen Want Nothing Will Write         Aimee had taken one seat, facing the caboose, and Hogben had taken a prod from the passenger behind’s umbrella. He scuttled between seats and came to rest across from her, murmuring, “Pardon me, Mack.” “Well, here we are.” Aimee offered this, and her companion […]

All Safe Bets Off: Hammersmith (thirteen)

Hammersmith Chapter Thirteen All Safe Bets Off         “Doesn’t seem so long ago.” Mack, unable to do anything about Aimee’s arm hooked through Hogben’s, though it pleased him to see Hogben once or twice give a mild tug, ill-at-ease…had got next to Shaw behind them (he ignored Shaw), and was throwing out […]