Cartoon House: Interview with Jerry Beamhead

A cartoon guest-post from J.B. Biggerstaff.              Interview with Jerry Beamhead.             1) So, Jerry Beamhead, you are a reanimated severed head. Does a beamhead have memories?         2) Second question. So, you say you don’t remember yourself. Would anyone who’d known […]

Hello! Hello! J.B. from the Twittersphere

  Hello! Hello!  In the cartoon house, I rank as retired colonel, chicken division, and I do interviews with fellow sufferers. (You realize, us cartoon workers don’t get paid squat for all the joy we bring! It’s always, “Do this, do that.”) In this feature, I’ve got six questions for Jerry Beamhead, a reanimated head […]

Adventures in Research: The Reindeer Racket

  The Reindeer Racket: Yuletide Slides (click on an image to scroll along, and see captions)   Old-time advertisements, from the late 19th to early 20th centuries, most making individual use of the Santa motif; a couple of sundries.         Bonus: A Little Holiday Silliness     More non-fiction on My Curious […]