Second Thoughts: Hammersmith (eight)

Hammersmith Chapter Eight Second Thoughts         Hogben had broken a rule of his own, one that had always served…and Hogben had been a traveling man for twenty-odd years. He’d had scrapes. He’d not often had a partner to rely on. But even these past couple, when with the Professor he’d gone the […]

The Ad Said: part one (short story)

Short Stories The Ad Said (part one)                 The ad said, “Girls wanted. Good wages. Steady hours.” It said also: “Must pass physical exam.” “You’re crazy,” their mother said. “Come on!” Hester smacked Hermina’s arm. “Let’s go down to the corner.” Here, at the drugstore, they sometimes took […]

Two Reunions: Hammersmith (seven)

Hammersmith Chapter Seven Two Reunions         Ruby Magley went walking down the dewy hillside towards the same creek that had attracted Hogben. This early morning, she too hoped to sit in quiet thought; listening, in her case, to birdsong. She felt not quite so bereaved today…just lonely. All the same, it wasn’t […]

Peas in a Pod: part two

A Figure from the Common Lot Chapter Three Peas in a Pod (part two)               “I can read and write,” he’d told Mrs. Purfoy. Richard’s father had paid her ten dollars cash, extra, for two weeks lodging. She had been unwilling, when she’d accepted the money, to sign a […]

The Totem-Maker: Jealousy (six)

The Totem-Maker Chapter Two Jealousy (part six)       My next choice had been the better one. Although when Sente beckoned me indoors, and his servant—that officious sort, inevitable, who elevates himself wherever two or three are gathered to one purpose—brandished a flat palm at Lom (making…only feebly…to stand), I had been inclined to […]

Please Help: conclusion

Short Stories Please Help (part four)         Their names, but he might have got them wrong…he only heard what he thought he heard…were Katrina and Lusanne. Maybe Katherina was the name of his girlfriend. Her sister had been here longer, and her accent was easier, but her name was harder to be […]

All the Sires of Generations: Flash Fiction

All the Sires of Generations           “That’s too bad. How you figure,” Arbuthnot asked McCoy, “if I put it out…if you get around, I mean, and put it out under my name… Tell ’em the professor, that’s what I hear they been calling me—” Arbuthnot stopped here, and chuckled. “A man […]

Peas in a Pod: part one

                        A Figure from the Common Lot Chapter Three Peas in a Pod     Its current carved the land Many more miles long Than the eye can see Landholders, granted degrees On the bank, exchanged in principle The ornamental alloy Gold     […]

Mossbunker’s Castle: Hammersmith (six)

Hammersmith Chapter Six Mossbunker’s Castle         Vic B. Mack was in Mossbunker’s castle keep, as he guessed. Mossbunker had spoken to him, in their mutual professional capacities, once…and had not allowed the press inside his walls. They’d walked the yellowing sward, as Mack felt inclined to call it, passed by the holly hedges […]

Helping Hands: Hammersmith (five)

Hammersmith Chapter Five Helping Hands         She detected Mr. Hogben’s voice, and thought a sort of misery colored his inarticulate grunts. The other man she knew at once for a stranger. Now and again she could hear Minnie Leybourne. Mostly the stranger, passionate. War an invention of the military interests, an affliction […]