First Tourmaline: the beginning (part one)

Tourmaline Anton nearly smiled. The glass kept steaming up, over and over. Because in a downstairs chamber something, and he did not know what, boiled. Had it been sour cabbage, he would have felt envious, hungry as he’d always been. But he never smelled anything cook in this house. On an early winter day, he’d […]

Are You Jealous (third)

  Are You Jealous (third)   Inside, Gabriel had a moment to look around. The shop seemed empty. He felt that a tone had sounded as he’d opened the door, an oddly discreet and undefinable note which was not a bell nor an electronic bleat, but resembled the high register of a Buddhist temple chime. […]

Interview with Jerry Beamhead

A cartoon guest-post from J.B. Biggerstaff.              Interview with Jerry Beamhead.             1) So, Jerry Beamhead, you are a reanimated severed head. Does a beamhead have memories?         2) Second question. So, you say you don’t remember yourself. Would anyone who’d known […]

Third Tourmaline: A Friend (final)

  A Friend (final)   The corporal’s impulse to friendship had not been blunted by Anton’s discouragement. He called again, and when all the silver had been polished, and the furniture sat adorned with it, winking at envy, Herward made a suggestion. “Some of the new officials . . . you know, the city is […]

“To One in Paradise”: Inimical: Chapter Nine

To One in Paradise   I was looking on Pinterest for material on Edgar Allan Poe. His poem “Alone” is popular there. What I consider Poe’s great talent, and what makes him worth studying, is that quick acceleration, shifting mood from memory, to melancholy musing, to sudden peril.         “Ulalume” gives, arguably, […]

Beta Version of Figure Theme added to Preview

Rough yet, but easy to get the idea. Figure theme on Preview page.       I’ve added a sound clip to my preview page, so if you like music, stop by and listen! (M4A is the file type.)   See Figure Page    

Are You Jealous (second)

    Are You Jealous (second)   Gabriel was startled. “It isn’t yours,” Eva said. He made an uncertain finger-flail towards the screen. “No,” she said. Eva moved to the side of the desk; she placed her hands on the clock. “McFadden,” Eva told him, “wanted to invite you to his gathering. Henderson might have […]

The Big Pants (part two)

  The Big Pants (two)   Jackie was having a number of unworthy feelings. She’d caught herself a moment ago, standing by, waiting for Luisa, realizing she’d expected Luisa to take the lead. She didn’t know what Luisa did for a living. “Now, I suppose,” Luisa asked her, “we each pick from one of the […]

Hello! Hello! J.B. from the Twittersphere

  Hello! Hello!  In the cartoon house, I rank as retired colonel, chicken division, and I do interviews with fellow sufferers. (You realize, us cartoon workers don’t get paid squat for all the joy we bring! It’s always, “Do this, do that”, with the boss.) I’ve got six questions for Jerry Beamhead, a reanimated head […]

Friends, Please Stop By and Meet Torsade!

  Lots of great changes on my site, formerly Stephanie’s Blog. Little surprises (good ones!) hidden behind pics, and lots of good reading! My posts are a showcase for whatever writing I’m interested in, and rough-drafting at the time—and for my artwork. My pages are where I put polished work, collected in proper reading order, and […]