Élucide: part four

A Figure from the Common Lot Élucide (part four)       The women moved, after dinner, to the screened porch; and following, Sarah came no further than the head of the steps. She waited here, standing where the bannister met the wall, effaced until called on. “Look how the clouds are coming in.” Mrs. […]

Showtime: Hammersmith (thirty-three)

Hammersmith Chapter Thirty-Three Showtime       McKeefe’s was a rough house. Minnie had played to bad crowds, almost always, before Cal Bruce first signed her on, as opening act. The worst spot on the slate. Because she was pretty… Well, a girl like Ruby, brought up religious, not even in a town…out in the […]

Celebrated (part four)

Novella Celebrated (part four)           He grinned. They were sharing a joke, and Tom thought he’d won at last. He’d got farther in than some of his classmates. Go to the history library, she told him. Find books with pictures, get a feel for your setting. (Getting a feel for whatever, […]

You’ll Be Happy to Know This: part two

Sequence of Events Chapter Three “You’ll Be Happy to Know This, Sir” (part two)           “Sure. I have no use for junk like that. I need to trust the people I hire, Oliver. You’re gonna work for me another time, right?” This last, he said to Bruner, and Bruner, finding himself […]

Élucide: part three

A Figure from the Common Lot Élucide (part three)               Jerome sat in stiff awareness of having gained an audience. He’d been using his fish knife to winnow out a bone; this he’d placed so neatly on the plate’s rim that its curved shape and the pressed scroll design […]

Yoharie: Neighborhood Watch (part four)

Yoharie Neighborhood Watch (part four)             They really had made him be watch captain. And Hibbler didn’t feel it’d be cool to tell Mat, knew he couldn’t tell Todwillow… That he thought it sometimes. Spying on people was shady…it must be. No one was going to knock on the Wittcombe’s […]

Celebrated (part three)

Novella Celebrated (part three)             Her office door was open. In a building with steam heat and no air conditioning, most doors were. But Motley could be tried on this point, caught with notebook, jotting poetry; or, crease between eyes, grading papers. Tom’s mind crossed by a thought—that a Motley […]

I Am the Cause: part five

The Totem-Maker Chapter Three I Am the Cause (part five)           “What do you see?” He asked me this, after getting to his feet. When for minutes he had not furthered his point, I tried, “What is it like for me to see…? How do I know there is anything divine […]

You’ll Be Happy to Know This: part one

Sequence of Events Chapter Three “You’ll Be Happy to Know This, Sir” (part one)               “How much,” I asked, “will you sell the covers for without the insides?”   From Adventures in Contentment Ray Stannard Baker     “Freda has gone off gadding.” Murchison had caught Stanley padding from […]

Élucide: part two

A Figure from the Common Lot Élucide (part two)           Her father moved his queen’s bishop’s pawn two squares. Mr. Nachfolger countered, bringing forward his queen’s pawn one square. Élucide watched the match unfold, while her father and Mr. Nachfolger exchanged their laconic, veiled comments. They’d dropped Everard, and spoke now […]