On Taste: You and Society (two)

  On Taste: You and Society      (two)   Canonized taste in the matter of poetry.   “A poem has to make me think…contain one striking image…illuminate the struggle of existence through intimate experience…”   Such statements may be gropings after a true value. Your own values are solidified—made apparent to you—by the means […]

The Yellow Press: a mini-biography of the Sugar King

The Yellow Press: part one   The Yellow Press was not a term the reading public applied to journalism; it was a term newspapers used to excoriate one another. The feuds erupted notably in the year 1898, when America entered its war with Spain over Cuba. That same year, the term emerged strongly in the […]

On Taste: You and Society (one)

You and society (one)   Mt. Olympus Syndrome and Literary prizes   Taste as Franchise   Your taste, at the level of broad society, will take on characteristics from a pressure to conform, not to a group’s passing fancy (or your own passing membership within a group), but to an ideal of social order. To […]

On Taste: You and your peers (two)

On Taste: You and your peers The Sleek and the Fat   One style writers often see praised by advice-givers is the “pared down”; sometimes called the Hemingway-esque. Pared-down hews to the nut of truth, marches ahead in noun, verb, noun, verb cadence; lets, in the classic dynamic of mid-twentieth century “muscular prose” (with some […]

My Blog Week: Oct 1 to Oct 7

Yesterday, I posted a new video on my YouTube channel, a tune with a dance beat, and images from the blog.   My Blog Week: October 1 to October 7   This week, A Figure from the Common Lot debuted. Honoré Gremot arrives on the scene, and his misadventures begin. I posted the first installment […]

On Taste: You and Your Peers

My Curious Reading presents: On Taste: You and Your Peers (one)     The commonly received picture of very tasteful décor, or fashion, is monotonality, lack of pattern and trim; also, the color must be muted, neutral—with few exceptions, pale. White rooms, their occupants dressed in black…the classic mental picture of an art gallery exhibit. […]

My Curious Reading presents: On Taste

An appeal to the senses.   You, yourself Taste can be understood both as a system of aesthetics, and a guideline to propriety. As to what might be labeled presentation—all things seen and owned—taste has two aspects: preference, and received perception. That is: what do you simply like, as opposed to what your peer group […]

Crafting Poetry: Dissonance

Crafting Poetry: Dissonance Dissonance can be a poet’s carefully deployed tool. We can achieve dissonance on the page, a visual effect, or—if the poem is read aloud—stage direction, using line drops, font shifts (large to small, bold to italic, black to barely legible), ambiguous punctuation, words abutted against other words, deliberate misspellings, puns. And the […]

Safety First: Adventures in Research

  Safety First   From the Nottingham Evening Post, Wednesday 18 October, 1950, “Bomb Head Find”. Workers in Nottingham discovered an unexploded WWII bomb, one fitting neighborhood recollections as having failed to go off during an air-raid. The workers winched it up, and putting the question to the test, extracted material from the head, then […]

“To One in Paradise”: Inimical chapter nine

To One in Paradise   One of the books I’ve saved from my childhood, through many years, is a collection of short stories and poems by Edgar Allan Poe. (Never mind why the macabre was the first genre I attached to). What I consider Poe’s great talent, and what makes him worth studying, is that […]