A 2013 Telegraph (UK) headline, based on US reporting, read in part: “…deadly pets murder nearly 4 billion birds a year.” Cats, they meant. For one thing, murder is an inflammatory word. By the same token, human beings murder thousands of chickens every year…except that we employ low paid workers to do the job for […]

Superstition: A Word Game

I was reading a newspaper from 1843, and I found a puzzle called an enigma.  It was constructed from a series of riddles, and the riddles were taken from words derived from a phrase.  The phrase was the answer to the puzzle.  Solve the riddles, place the numbered letters in the correct slots, and solve […]

Heat Treatment

Bucky cat is eighteen.  This spot by the register is a favorite with all the elderly kitties. They push up against the metal, and nod off.

Just a little cat drawing

I like to capture the orneriness, when I sketch a cat.

November Art: Cat Face

This is just a recently completed painting.  I haven’t written anything to go with it.

Guilty Parties

I was looking though an old photo album for art subjects.  These are from the ’90’s.  Only the white kitties are still with me.  Lorenzo, the Maine Coon, used to sleep wrapped around the table leg like that.