Heavenward (poem)

Heavenward   Two years ago invented days worked themselves into the timekeeper’s calculations   The character, true or false The brilliance of coding every sound began to seem dunderheadedness The sentiment to still believe a sweater might forestall impoverishment Merry season on a Wednesday, celebrate the true faith on a Friday The universe with its […]

King of Chaos: Haunt of Thieves (poem)

  King of Chaos   The recruitment stalls are manned Each by a bobbing puppet on a stick Tittering in death’s head greasepaint Shanty coffins banged at Gothic angles, these Painted black, a bloated joke A train scores the hill, a parade float Straddled by some nameless King of Chaos Loitered on, by back-leaning mockers, […]

Narrowing the Path (poem)

  Narrowing the Path   They came from stock of second, third, fourth best They let it be, temptation’s shoulder squeeze (less of you, more for me) Seeing unarticulated safety in hearing mirror likenesses giggle Seeing an alter ego seem to nod approval Everything cited some dense trick of the enemy Every foolish ritual worth […]

Cry (poem)

Cry   Floating below the wharf, he raps twice overhead With the handle of a hand-net, the stranger with no shoes And raffia hat, ambered at the crown with sweat Summoning his awkward date “Doesn’t matter,” is what he murmurs She has let a nervous laugh escape Forcing her to listen through a knothole, kneeling […]

The Zone of Prophecy: fifth Pale Knight

  The Zone of Prophecy   The sexton of St. Crispin’s, the late Mr. Michelwhyte I doubt you’d know of him…which is rather the point, the familiar one being far nearer Bath than Taunton, liked telling (though half the time certainly pulling my leg) Of that apparition dubbed the Pale Knight By legend alleged to […]

My Blog Week: Nov 19 to Nov 25

All the Latest from Torsade!             The week began with A Figure from the Common Lot: Imprisoned (part one continued), in which Honoré is stalked and assaulted by Baum. A poem, “The Day You Were Born”, part of the TV culture series, speaks to the theme of past adventure yarns […]

The Lab-Grown Brain Makes a Prose Poem

  The Lab-Grown Brain Makes a Prose Poem a.k.a.: Live Enthusiastically with Zest   Arthritis grows old, friend. Try sugaring the bacon. Celery is uniquely awful. Don’t dog Poor Me. By an elephant dies another. Or frying won’t kill, not in your lifetime. Ocean garbage is ghastly. Hideous waste, look there. Stall on first ignition, […]

St. Andrew’s Day: fourth Pale Knight

  St. Andrew’s Day   She’d been in infirmary with a chest cold by account of the matron It could be worse She is very old These indispositions take the old ones, sudden But come anyway, Mrs. Devilbiss’ll be tickled If she’s feeling up to it He fears, this is all…ill-advised, his proof, by the […]

In Memoriam: A feisty, funny little kitty

In Memoriam: Gretel cat     Video: Love Bomb II       A Little Joy       Caught Alone   Loved one, they gather on the stairs The passageway is closed The door will jar against a darting shape Unnoticed, their kind, snuffed in the daily cataclysm One will tear the fabric Go […]

The Day You Were Born (poem)

  The Day You Were Born   Cock an ear, your master’s voice, drip or pebble Distracting drumbeat, or is it heads-up Heads-up, Dodge Ball You can be the smart one, saw this coming When the world was blind You can find yourself at the center of a bridge A rope bridge, working itself untwined […]