Infinite Fall (poem)

    Infinite Fall   When a right hand chooses wrong Just this Tick of the clock packed in dry ice Your trigger finger hangs, a tic decides What you’ve done, agreeing with advice What you were a minute past Just that What you are carved on your headstone Name, digitoria of birth and death […]

My Blog Week: Nov 25 to Dec 1

All the Latest from Torsade!                         The week began with a second episode of the poem-story “Turtle Island”, in which the prisoners recognize the urgency of their predicament. Tuesday, “Confidante”, the fourth in The Folly‘s Wake arc, wherein Wake recalls himself doubting Howitt. A new […]

The Lab-Grown Brain Makes a Stage Drama (poem)

    The Lab-Grown Brain Makes a Stage Drama   Act One Scene one.   A railcar. Enter umbrella with small luggage.   SNORMAN — Good morrow, my lady queen. I come traversing miles unto thee to offer this explanatory start, wherein I serve only to introduce.   KING — Aye, tis like enough.   […]

Sequence: Alas Falada (part one)

Sequence of Events Chapter Seven “Alas! Dear Falada, There Thou Hangest”                     If thy mother knew they fate, Her heart would break with grief so great.   The Goose Girl     The mission house had been founded to shelter war orphans. The orphans had, many […]

La Catastrophe de la Martinque: thirty-two

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (thirty-two)             Monday, 5th. This morning, flat calm, detonations rare. The top of the mountain is covered in a clear, blue cloud. The neighboring houses appear all white. We hear noises like a lava that boils and overflows. Towards one o’clock, louder detonations. […]

Time and Place (poem)

    Time and Place   Cheating to elude the advertising Where grains of revenue pour in theory As the ant lion makes an hourglass of its victim’s Struggle, so ant resisting capture gravitates Pitwards the half-dome lengthening time As the Romans measured summer hours Sunny ones, as the public gardens Godwotting avowal in that […]

Confidante: Fourth Wake

    The Folly Wake     Confidante   Travel, if that were the cause of it A career of amputating limbs…a bent Towards a ruthless, curious, yearning to experiment Perhaps an inclination when he spoke Of all humanity’s being one To place himself outside of it Howitt, the only friend I’d known   Wake’s […]

Turtle Island (part two)

    Turtle Island   ii.   The cavern wastes its vapors, offerings here Sacrifices to the god of Secret Dealings Far from the watchful eye of Nemesis Not so far she doesn’t see But the leg-bone in its trouser leg Snagged on a thrust of rock Separated from some old indentured torso But this […]

My Blog Week: Nov 18 to Nov 24

All the Latest from Torsade!                           Haunt of Thieves came to its conclusion this Monday. In Tuesday’s Sequence of Events, Freda found coincidence, and a place to rent; in the Eight poem series, the fourth entry went up Wednesday, “Confession”; on Thursday, La […]

Totem: To Be and to Choose (part four)

The Totem-Maker Chapter Four To Be and to Choose (part four)             “Now he who is challenged may see fit to decline. If it be entered into the record that he has answered no, this is the same as to forfeit the right of dispute. Whatever is charged against him […]