My Blog Week: Dec 10 to Dec 16

All the Latest from Torsade!           In this week’s installment of A Figure from the Common Lot: Imprisoned (part four), Honoré takes riding lessons, in aid of Broughton’s undisclosed plan. A poem on Monday: “Heavenward”, on the theme of false and true values; Tuesday, an essay in the “On Taste” series, […]

Imprisoned: part five

Imprisoned (five)   His friend, Honoré gathered, did not believe in his Paris scheme, but with an expressive gesture, as though he held a coffer between his two hands, he pleaded his cause. “I will use our allowance for management expenses to pay for my travels.” “That sounds very grand,” Gilbert said. “We don’t have […]

The Spectre Knows: sixth Pale Knight

  The Spectre Knows   ‘Then further,’ says the guest, ‘we are not talking about intuition. If a railwayman observe that passengers are in the habit of jumping from the cars before the train comes to a halt, he will say, ‘There you have the makings of an accident’, and may well be proved right. […]

Are You Haunted: part five

Are You Haunted (five)   “I hope no one…” He’d been on the verge of a conventional remark. But how tidily arranged the sparkling wreckage was….how densely packed and flush the filled chambers were; how devoid, how sanitized, how stripped clean was the entire site, of any debris much larger than a splinter of glass. […]

Bad Counsel: part four (short story)

Bad Counsel (four)     “Most people think this is a way to make money. Property. Kid, I’ll tell you a secret. All I need to unload a piece of property is get it rented.” He was walking away, down the incline, under the concrete arch, and out to the street. He was speaking, and […]

The Bog: conclusion (short story)

  The Bog (nine)       Shouts, without the ragging note of the boy’s camp, where all the wind was on the first syllable—“Move it!”; “Shee-it, dumbass”—volleyed up, and these pitched opposite, higher. “Look out!” “Come on!” Dana shoved himself from the ground. Laurel pushed off the cooler. Above the hilltop a cloud was […]

On Taste: You and Society (two)

  On Taste: You and Society      (two)   Canonized taste in the matter of poetry.   “A poem has to make me think…contain one striking image…illuminate the struggle of existence through intimate experience…”   Such statements may be gropings after a true value. Your own values are solidified—made apparent to you—by the means […]

Heavenward (poem)

Heavenward   Two years ago invented days worked themselves into the timekeeper’s calculations   The character, true or false The brilliance of coding every sound began to seem dunderheadedness The sentiment to still believe a sweater might forestall impoverishment Merry season on a Wednesday, celebrate the true faith on a Friday The universe with its […]

My Blog Week: Dec 3 to Dec 9

All the Latest from Torsade!             As usual, the week began with its installment of A Figure from the Common Lot. In Imprisoned, part three, Honoré has a sad remembrance, and a visit with Broughton to a safe house. Two self-contained poems (not part of any ongoing series) went up Monday […]

Imprisoned: part four

Imprisoned (four)       “Let us say then,” Broughton continued, “that you, unable to conceal your presence from this visitor, and sensibly recognizing the position rather a compromising one, open the door to him. He charges you with an errand. He has brought a letter; he asks that you deliver this letter to Captain […]