A black cat, nicknamed Nortie, who serves as Torsade's site ambassador.

Nortie, Torsade’s site ambassador

Book formatting! 


Torsade now has a serif font. Most of my fiction takes place in past times, and this feels more apropos. I was once a sans person myself, and I know strong feelings collect about font styles, as they do with commas and semi-colons.

The text is right-justified, to give the feeling of reading a physical book. New (and eventually older) pieces will have page numbering.


Mad linking!


Now all posts that feature 1-5 pages of a story will have a link to the previous and next section; so again, the reader can follow through the complete text, as with any normal reading experience.


Poems matched tidily to images!


Visit the post on the blog, and you will see a sleek presentation, single-spaced, stanzas separated.


Images meta-tagged!


Alt-text for impaired readers, easy to pin or share.


Not changing:


Nortie cat, with his friend Seymour, continues as site ambassasor.


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