New Covermystery-coverbeast-coverThe Nutshell Cover

I care the most about this book, of all I’ve written so far. My plan, then, is to put it out in installments on the blog, free to the people, beginning October 1, 2017. The title is a line from one of my poems, “The Imbecile” (The Poor Belabored Beast).

The book is long, and multi-themed, and difficult to get a publisher to look at. I have a large theme concerning the development of our current surveilance society, from the Franco-Prussian war (1870) the era in which Figure begins, through World Wars One and Two, the Cold War, the last decades of the twentieth century, to the fragmented mirror of consultancies and contractors, that misinforms us and destabilizes our global relationships today. The story goes only to the year 1900, and Figure is only Volume One. But it touches on poverty, ambition, war, espionage, spiritualism, slavery, corruption, faith. And I have perfect faith that readers will, having discovered Figure, enjoy it.





 My Curious Reading  

This is an ongoing feature of the blog, where I consider my current reading and pick a unifying theme among sometimes disparate sources, mixed with my own thoughts about them.




Otherwise, my blog is a showcase for whatever writing I’m interested in, and rough-drafting at the time—and for my artwork. I have opinions about book cover design. I think the image is like a one-frame movie of the book’s content, and I hate seeing big, pulsing letters on a cover, and nothing else. So also, it’s a treat for me to make art (in any style I feel like) to accompany my poetry and stories.


  1. loricarlson66 says:

    Hello Stephanie! I SHOWCASED your blog today and while I enjoyed exploring your blog and reading some great stories and excerpts… I would like to offer you some advice on making your blog easier to navigate through, if you are open to that. If you are, email me at justrattlingbones(a)yahoo(dot)com

    I hope this does not offend you in anyway. That is not my intentions.



  2. This is such a feel-good “About Me” and an inspiring one too!! 🙂


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