The Big House (poem)

The Big House (poem)



The Big House


The sunset of the day seems

Exudaceous copper neon

Comes between cloudbank between cloudbank


with no celestial conviction


without wherewithal

Where, these days, does earth promise other than eviction

The day just past has passed on the other side

Suppose it had been the first of January

1111 evolution taking us so far

God’s trials of us done

We were only tenants

His big house has servants

But they are not us


If there were something

Fluoridatious for the water

Some sane-making chemical to swallow


Might stand from ego’s shadow


Adjunctive to the moment

Meant, these days, to feel not vain but haloed

The day to come will come again tomorrow

Suppose Doomsday haboobs itself pan-globally

The milky way twinkling on indifferently

We were only tenants

Storehouses for the stuff of life

And remain to Him worthy fodder

As a ring of dust



The Big House
The Big House (poem)Tired of Yourself









(2018, Stephanie Foster)




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