My Blog Week: Feb 4 to Feb 10

My Blog Week: Feb 4 to Feb 10


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My Blog Week: Feb 4 to Feb 10

The Old Dog: featured cartoon of the week




Honoré has returned to Paris, in this week’s A Figure from the Common Lot: Paris (part one), and has settled into what for him is a happy routine. In the first Inimical installment of the week, “The Invisible Hand” ends, with Malcolm-Webb arranging to pick up and transfer along the conduit information gathered by Newbolt. The seventh Tourmaline story, “Cadisk”, ended this week, as Palma tested the possibility of getting Anton to complete his mission-work. A new episode of The Folly appeared on Wednesday. Trout, wishing to believe it a trick of the enemy, is met in the night mists by the Pale Knight.
Thursday’s Inimical began Chapter 5: “The Power of Suggestion”, in which a talk is held among agents, to state the position without stating it. Friday’s “Are You Haunted” brings Powell and Rohdl together, both expecting to die in the tunnel, with Rohdl explaining to Powell how the accident occurred. Finally, a new episode of Hammersmith went up Saturday. Shaw is chosen by Minnie; Nico is chosen by June, and le Fontainebleau lets Aimee, Minnie, and Shaw in on a secret. 
Photos on my posts usually have a link to related information, sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical, sometimes in answer to a direct reference. Since people can be leery about clicking links, I include them here: what they are, what sites they point to.



My Blog Week: Feb 4 to Feb 10


A Figure from the Common Lot: Paris (part one)
February 4

Washington Post: When the pope was powerful

The Invisible Hand: Inimical (episode eleven)
February 5

Deep South Dish: Mud Hen Bars


Cadisk: seventh Tourmaline (part three)
February 6

Architect: An Unexpected Ally of Gender-Neutral Restrooms


Where End Meets Beginning: ninth Pale Knight
February 7 Phyllis Wheatley, A Farewell to America


The Power of Suggestion: Inimical (episode twelve)
February 8

Wikipedia: The National Limited


Are You Haunted: part eleven
February 9

Business Insider: NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory


Chickens in a Mood to Roost: Hammersmith (twenty-six)
February 10

PBS: Hiram Maxim





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