My Blog Week: Dec 24 to Dec 30

 All the Latest from Torsade!           “Are You Merry and Bright” concluded on Christmas Eve, with a business-like resolution for Dexter and Mabel. Sunday’s installment of A Figure from the Common Lot: Imprisoned (part seven), recounts Honoré’s visit to Paris with his father; and their last falling-out. Tuesday’s “Bad Counsel”, has […]

Imprisoned: part seven

A Figure from the Common Lot Imprisoned (seven)     And the weather was stagnant and sultry. An intolerable closeness, an urgent desire to exchange intelligence, or to feel that they were doing so, had driven the crowds into the streets. Honoré wormed his way along, found a patch of wall to lean against…balancing his […]

Adventures in Research: Klan Signaling

Adventures in Research: Klan Signaling   Don’t Break Up a Set   An integral aspect of conscientiously preserving history, is not allowing its component parts to become detached from the source. To offer a variation on the well-known George Santayana quote (“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”), an organization’s signs […]

Are You Haunted: part seven

Are You Haunted (seven)     He held her dry hand firmly for a while, feeling some impulse to imbue strength back into her grip. But he’d embarrassed her, taken her aback―or some other feeling Powell could not read―when he’d shown her the ribboned box. Growing up, he had not gone visiting often. He could […]

The Marigold Bowl (poem)

The Marigold Bowl   The marigold bowl Iridescent with the polished soles of a river rat’s escape motions And carrying, in gaudy panoply of purple green On orange, a sense of occasion If the wise man, who must have been there, counseling Soft-core deadened by the light of a tiny screen Mind hungry for results, […]

Cliff-Head: sample from The Totem-Maker

The Totem-Maker Cliff-Head (sample)       From my aerie, I could see a soft and bluish stretch of coastland, struck at times by sun, blackened others by the undersides of clouds. The grain fields, limning the foothills above, flared ocher in this light of late autumn, and I let a daydream carry me down […]

Bad Counsel: part five (short story)

Bad Counsel (five)     Saturday, Karen had asked if she had anything to wash. Andrée scooped up everything lying on the foot of the bed, the chair back, the bathroom rug. Sunday, Karen would take a carload of boxes to the new place and be gone all day. While on the phone with Buel, […]

Christmas Day, Be Merry!

Small News!       I have just joined Bloglovin’, so it’s all brand new, experience-wise. I’m checking the service out as part of my Advice for Misfits series, on how to sell your work when you don’t have the social advantages; on which services give the best value to the friend-challenged writer.   Coming […]

My Blog Week: Dec 17 to Dec 23

All the Latest from Torsade!           In Sunday’s A Figure from the Common Lot: Imprisoned (part five), Honoré borrows money to finance his scheme of reporting France’s war with Prussia, then flashing further back, recalls his first falling out with his father. A holiday piece debuted Monday, with additional installments on Thursday […]

Imprisoned: part six

A Figure from the Common Lot Imprisoned (six)     Across the desk’s burnished span, the men who asked his advice were faceless shadows. Rather than expound his Paris scheme, Honoré found he was putting into words a vague resentment, while uneasily, he was aware of quiet footsteps, the rustle and scent of damp woolen […]