The Zone of Prophecy: fifth Pale Knight

Zone of Prophecy


The Zone of Prophecy


The sexton of St. Crispin’s, the late Mr. Michelwhyte

I doubt you’d know of him…which is rather the point, the familiar one

being far nearer Bath than Taunton, liked telling

(though half the time certainly pulling my leg)

Of that apparition dubbed the Pale Knight

By legend alleged to warn of doom impending

Now, there are three contrary indications

worth discussing…

The guest trails a bit and peers with some anxiety

over his teacup’s rim

My dear, I am a woman of my word, Virginia nudges

Bore ahead, my love (but this is Roscoe, mimicking)

Well, first, these mediæval signs and wonders

Were used politically to cow one’s enemies

You see a deal of it in Shakespeare’s histories

Battle’s outcome heralded by the usual cocks and comets



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The Spectre Knows (excerpt)


(copyright 2017 Stephanie Foster)


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