Peeled (poem)

Posted by ractrose on October 2, 2017 in Art, Poems

  Peeled   Apparency is the means into the mind Dreary the mood of an overheated October Afternoon and no escape The crowd all move together Did the nape clench With premonition Knowing this thing coming Will roll Like the spinning wheel of a wrecked Bicycle a slammed brake Damned if the distractor does Damned […]

On Taste: You and Your Peers (part one)

My Curious Reading presents: On Taste: You and Your Peers (part one)     The commonly received picture of very tasteful décor, or fashion, is monotonality, lack of pattern and trim; also, the color must be muted, neutral—with few exceptions, pale. White rooms, their occupants dressed in black…the classic mental picture of an art gallery […]