My Blog Week: Sept 10 to Sept 16

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My Blog Week: Sept 10 to Sept 16

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This week began with a promo post, “Coming in October!”, that features links to two YouTube videos for my serial novel’s debut, with musical themes to accompany the imagery. Also on September 11, a new entry in the Corey Jack series, “Working Overseas”. Corey meets friendly Stan, who seems to know things. “Royce’s Iron Seeds”, is a promo for a future novel. The odd title refers to one of Trevor Royce’s (a character in Yoharie) two blogs: “Iron Seeds” being a chapter from The Totem-Maker, his beloved fantasy novel. The fourth Tourmaline story debuted: “Sympathy for the Torturer”, Anton’s own view of Herward’s representations; that question of whether his suffering at the hands of the state could be called an act of patriotism. “The St. Bernard Hotel” is the eighteenth episode of “Hammersmith”. Aimee, to her annoyance, finds her plans for Jane overwritten by a scheme of Vic’s. A new short story (with so many plot points to resolve, it may grow into a novella), “The Bog”, in which a woman estranged from her town and her past finds entente, began this week. The third entry from the novella “Are You Alienated”, was posted on the 15th: Minta on the receiving end of John’s Cold War discourse.
Finally, “Movie of the Week”, a new poem in the TV culture series, describes a war story, and the framing of a war story.   


Photos on my posts usually have a link to related information, sometimes serious, sometimes whimsical, sometimes in answer to a direct reference. Since people can be leery about clicking links, I include them here: what they are, what sites they point to.



Movie of the Week (poem)
September 16

AMC filmsite: Great war films


Are You Alienated: part three
September 15 Nevsky Prospekt


The Bog (short story)
September 14

Cedar Bog


The St. Bernard Hotel: Hammersmith (eighteen)
September 13

Huffpost: “The 10 Most Infamous Real-Life…”


Fourth Tourmaline: Sympathy for the Torturer
September 12

Investopedia: “Rationing”


Yoharie: Royce’s Iron Seeds
September 12

Adv. Electronics Security Co.: “Electronic Harassment


Corey Jack series: Working Overseas
September 11

The Economist: “Guns and Sugar”


Coming in October! See a slideshow
September 11

YouTube: Figure Promo Clip Two



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