Corey Jack series: Working Overseas (poem)

Working Overseas


Working Overseas


He’s sure it’s gotta be some kind of lie

Lie maybe not the idea…some kind of scam

It starts to seem, just to think about it

Like you wouldn’t just end up the special friend

Of a guy who brokered middle eastern weapons sales

Claims he just got back from six months in Iran

What’s he even doing in a loser town

Far from Washington, nothing like New York

In a bar, sidling up to Corey Jack

Nodding towards the men’s room with a smirk

“I was away all that time, I didn’t get the news from home.

I don’t know why I think I’ve seen you someplace.”

Stan is always dropping suicide

It starts to seem like not coincidence

He’d kill himself for sure if he was this or that guy

He wants to know if Corey’s thought of working overseas

“You might disappear. I don’t know why you’d want to,

but you could.”


Some grinding guitar rises to a siren pitch

A siren someplace outside and Stan talks on finishing

’cause in a genius sort of way, he’s saying

And Corey, not for any reason

Feels buzzed at genius

Set up a shotgun, wire in the basement, booby trap

Gotta look premeditated

“I didn’t hear what you were talking about”

Guy killed his wife…they let him off

for insanity

Stan with his Rodney Dangerfield eyes

Fixes on Corey’s

I figure you could fake that


So, Corey takes a drag

You want my help

You’re the man, Stan smiles



American Expatriate


(copyright 2017 Stephanie Foster)


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