A Scientific Family: Fourteenth Tattersby

  The Folly Tattersby     A Scientific Family   You won’t Until the sun finds its moment Steadfast tick of bodies set in motion Until the turning earth has lost its math And the red eye blinks at the black-rimmed gorge’s gap You won’t have seen night fall From the cockpit of an aeroplane […]

Are You Alienated: part five

  Are You Alienated (five)     They’d woven across a broad, intersecting street, and begun retracing their steps. Emmett pinched Minta’s sleeve at the elbow. He stepped up into an entryway; following, she saw a white sign, cheerfully lit, its lettering blue, and to her eyes unreadable. The sign was framed in the window […]

The Bog: part three

Short Stories The Bog (three)   The sad thing, maybe the ironic thing, was that at the heart of the bog, signal strength, phone reception, was fine. Two towers on not so distant hilltops could be seen, already—or always—lighted red. It was dusk, and with Amanda, Laurel and her sister were hiking a mile deep […]

Autocratic Mysteries: Hammersmith (nineteen)

Hammersmith Autocratic Mysteries (nineteen)   A torch flared. That one might, in an upstairs reception room, in a city hotel, tended to beggar belief, and Aimee at first started, thinking something had gone wrong with the gas. But a second torch, and then a third, made the room dance with light, before the flames settled. […]

A Cold Reception: Thirteenth Tattersby

  The Folly Tattersby     A Cold Reception   She’d written him a letter too confiding for a cold reception (Flying an enthusiasm, scientific enquiry, not…in his book) A girl of twenty…she has since learned her lesson 1911—April it was—she’d been introduced at Newmarket races to Mr. Ismay All so gay She thinks of […]

My Blog Week: Sept 17 to Sept 23

All the Latest from Torsade!       The week began with a resolution, of its kind, for Lady Gimple and Dougal Inskip, entry twelve in the Tattersby arc: “The Hothouse Rose”. The second episode of “Sympathy for the Torturer” came next, with Anton boarding a bus, and breaking a rule. The Bog continued, with […]

Rattus (poem)

  Rattus   Intuition, extra sense, if you like Déjà-vu in a prototypic vermin mind We are having telepathic conversation Embracing sight’s elusive romance (To be a genius. To be not at fault for this.) How are we going to solve a problem? Working backwards from the outcome The treat is hidden in the maze […]

Are You Alienated: part four

Are You Alienated (four)     “If I look you up,” she asked Emmett, “what would I find out?” “You might try the experiment now, if you are really interested.” Minta thought she ought to. It hadn’t occurred to her to use her phone. But no, she realized…she would probably find out nothing, or he […]

Corey Jack’s Misery (poem)

  Corey Jack’s Misery   He’d been going good Corey Jack, thirty-nine One Italian heel on the ring Pomps his hair like Elvis this time Gauges, ’cause he tracks these things The young guy in the mirror Just shift around and tug out his lapel Mostly thin Mostly cool Talking to this broad, who’s a little […]

The Bog: part two

Short Stories The Bog (two)   “So if I start choking after a while, just ignore it.” He barked out another of his bitter laughs, and stalked himself back to his lost place. “What I’m trying to say…what I’m trying to say…we got a preserve here, we got a refuge two counties over, we got a […]