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A black cat, nicknamed Nortie, who serves as Torsade's site ambassador.



The Nitty-Gritty
(if you’re my age, you’re thinking of “Turn the Beat Around”)


So, I’ve been touting my upcoming serial novel, A Figure from the Common Lot, and I’ve been touting the blog it will appear on, Torsade Literary Space. (Link takes you to The Culture, my Pinterest board that tells a lot about where I’m coming from).

How does this work? I create and post original art, poetry, fiction and non-fiction . . . now cartoons, on my sister blog, The Cartoon House. On the slide menu, top right, you’ll find several pages: these are the “homes” of the Torsade exclusives. The Excerpts director is an easy guide that takes you through a list of books for sale (on Amazon, links provided) and ongoing stories.

Sign up, and you’ll start getting emails with every new post. Each post takes you to the page, acting for you as a bookmarking system. For example, if you were to follow my novella (beginning September), “Are You Alienated”, you’d get a post with an excerpt in the neighborhood of five hundred words, ending with a link to the page, where the story can be read as a book, wide-screened and page-numbered.

Another feature is the links I attach to many of the images. These take you to such sources as Atlas Obscura, Encyclopedia Britannica, Wikipedia. I sometimes throw in a song link from YouTube. Two examples: Annie Lennox and Al Green’s “Put a Little Love in Your Heart”; Jars of Clay’s “There is a River”. If I mention a work by another author, or a magazine article, I link to it in the text.

I have made a number of Pinterest boards with images to illustrate the historical periods in which my stories are set, as well as places and props associated with the stories.


Torsade Presents:


A Figure from the Common Lot


The Folly

Books You Can Buy

Are You




I know people haven’t got money to buy all the books and journal subscriptions they’d like. I know (I’m there) many can’t afford the cost of entertainment at all. Torsade is free. I do ask a busker’s fee, in the form of a donation through PayPal, and I provide a safe utility for doing so.


Thanks! See you on the blog!







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