Corey Jack series: Paranoia (poem)

Paranoia   Fixed in Corey Jack’s mind His paranoia, so-called A prophetic vibe he has known as a birthright The pictures given are all wreckage Windows busted out with a blackened lick of flame A rank of old acquaintance wasted, cause If you get the breaks you get a diploma A contract from the state […]

Third Tourmaline: A Friend (final)

  A Friend (final)   The corporal’s impulse to friendship had not been blunted by Anton’s discouragement. He called again, and when all the silver had been polished, and the furniture sat adorned with it, winking at envy, Herward made a suggestion. “Some of the new officials . . . you know, the city is […]

Elucidate: go without fear (psalm twenty-seven)

    Elucidate   You elucidate, I comprehend; I awake to your Destruction of my sin This illusion of the mortal vehemently dispelled Your ardor crosses the celestial sun The mistaken falter, are cast down Blood and gold Reaching, holding still You have contemplated me I have obtained grace End this time of trouble Finish, […]