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Hello! Hello! cartoon figure J.B. Biggerstaff


Hello! Hello!

 In the cartoon house, I rank as retired colonel, chicken division, and I do interviews with fellow sufferers. (You realize, us cartoon workers don’t get paid squat for all the joy we bring! It’s always, “Do this, do that.”)

In this feature, I’ve got six questions for Jerry Beamhead, a reanimated head donated to science, who may just be going places! Later on, folks, I’ll be talking to a cartoon eminence, a great old veteran. (We’ll call him the Yellow Old Dude.) And I may book a certain gentleman skunk, who wishes to speak on condition of anonymity.

Here’s a link, http://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/watch-soviet-scientists-bring-a-dogs-decapitated-head-back-to-life

(I put it the url in full, because while the piece is interesting, you may not want to watch the little film.)




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