Friends, Stop By and Meet Torsade!

Friends, stop by!


Hello! Friends, Stop By and Meet Torsade!


Lots of great changes on my site, formerly Stephanie’s Blog. Little surprises (good ones!) hidden behind pics, and lots of good reading! My posts are a showcase for whatever writing I’m interested in, and rough-drafting at the time, and for my artwork. My pages are where I put polished work, collected in proper reading order, and designed to give the experience of reading a book. My author page has a slide show of artwork I think “hits it” best. And now read the serial novel, A Figure from the Common Lot. 

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Friends, Stop By


Try this:




Crab work

In a dark inhuman light

Now standing with averted eyes

Ushering this treading foot

Squelch on the blue-taped snaking cable

A worker in a tie-on vest

Clamps and hoists the car pending the revolution

A woman and her elderly mother

Don’t suspect

They will ride the spider

They comply in stopping life decades before it ends

And even their compliance is written in the code

“I would,” the worker thinks, “I would…”

See the dogs in the street

Start, bare teeth, rise in a rippling wave

Like fierce banked voltage crossing the face

Of a thunderhead

“I would die in the street, if I could not live there

Make my bed on the poison chair”

Molecular reaction bloats and bubbles like a cauliflower

Gathers in your fingerprints like cesium

“I would suffer noxious vapor

That cracks the ligneous structure

I would

Like the mystery of a golden age

Write my name in blood or in

The shifting earth’s thousand eruptions

Acid rain

Anti-freeze and motor oil

The downpour’s cauldron brews in the gutter

And write this

This is the harvest of a season”



Find Amygdala in The Poor Belabored Beast:


poor belabored beast cover with tortured figures




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