Dougal Inskip’s Lonely Vigil: Seventh Tattersby

tattersby and fiona medwin dougal inskip's lonely vigil poem tattersby arc


Dougal Inskip’s Lonely Vigil


When she had been Fiona Medwin

Long about the jaw, but fair enough to a man

Content to break even on a steady-goer

No desire for a flash in the pan

Women, though, Dougal says to himself

Flash will get them, even the sensible ones

Ought she to burn a torch for Tattersby

Useless git to let a butterfly flatter him

. . . Lady Gimple, not a proper title either

Always the fly-boys with that one

(by reputation)


He has trodden the beckoning path

Wisham’s Hill Cottage to the Folly’s gate . . .


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