Dougal Inskip’s Lonely Vigil: Seventh Tattersby

Dougal Inskip's Lonely Vigil


Dougal Inskip’s Lonely Vigil


When she had been Fiona Medwin

Long about the jaw, but fair enough to a man

Content to break even on a steady-goer

No desire for a flash in the pan

Women, though, Dougal says to himself

Flash will get them, even the sensible ones

Ought she to burn a torch for Tattersby

Useless git to let a butterfly flatter him

. . . Lady Gimple, not a proper title either

Always the fly-boys with that one

(by reputation)


He has trodden the beckoning path

Wisham’s Hill Cottage to the Folly’s gate . . .



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(copyright 2017 Stephanie Foster)




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