The Nutshell Hatches. An invitation to visit



The Nutshell Hatches: An Invitation to Visit Page


The Nutshell Hatches. An Invitation to visit.

The Nutshell Hatches.
My first book of poetry, written in 2014, with a few afterwards revised.  


The tone is political, calling out, condemning, experimental, in “Over a Five Cent Item”, and “Purpose No Secret.”

Several (i.e., “Salvage and Tag”; “Never So Good”; “Carpet Linters”) touch on the value of human life. Others, (“Hogs in a Row”; “Newly Hatched”; “Canned Peas”) with environmental destruction and the loss of our traditional economy.


excerpt from Stop It


You spin

You toil on your web of fear

Someone might take the only thing you have to spare.

The only thing you have

Is  what you give

The only thing you give

Is what you make . . . 


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