The Impresario: an alphabet (part three)

  Part Three   Regalus masked moves lithe through the torchlit throng Pierre the Seer guides her, brusque in the distance he keeps But cocksure in his speech, his purpose strong She pities her poor Tortu and her small Dauphin Like a mother, she has helped to dress and feed them She cannot tell the […]

The Big Pants (part two)

  The Big Pants (two)   Jackie was having a number of unworthy feelings. She’d caught herself a moment ago, standing by, waiting for Luisa, realizing she’d expected Luisa to take the lead. She didn’t know what Luisa did for a living. “Now, I suppose,” Luisa asked her, “we each pick from one of the […]

Hello! Hello! J.B. from the Twittersphere

  Hello! Hello!  In the cartoon house, I rank as retired colonel, chicken division, and I do interviews with fellow sufferers. (You realize, us cartoon workers don’t get paid squat for all the joy we bring! It’s always, “Do this, do that.”) In this feature, I’ve got six questions for Jerry Beamhead, a reanimated head […]

Friends, Stop By and Meet Torsade!

  Hello! Friends, Stop By and Meet Torsade!   Lots of great changes on my site, formerly Stephanie’s Blog. Little surprises (good ones!) hidden behind pics, and lots of good reading! My posts are a showcase for whatever writing I’m interested in, and rough-drafting at the time, and for my artwork. My pages are where I […]

The Impresario: an alphabet (part twenty-one)

  Part Twenty-One   A sturdy yeoman parts the throng, striding through Escort to a queenly, doll-like dame Poupée’s grown son with wonder eyes The wax-man’s pallor, Regalus Kneels and cradles in her hand, madame’s Surprised, she asks, “How do you, child?” The lifted face beneath the cowl, surprises her as well As though the […]

Corey Jack series: Actors Act (poem)

  Actors Act   Being, at the wheel, free to fly, she’d closed her eyes Singing The light was red But he was grinning like a wise guy Revved and squealed off A Mazda pushed the yellow light and blocked her His rude old Ford was parked there Catty-corner at the Holiday Inn She thought […]

The Impresario: an alphabet (part eight)

Part Eight   Tortu has done no wrong He lays his lute upon the ground and plucks A melancholic melody with his toes A lilting air flutes o’er this, as serpentine In play of arms and sway of hips The Pythoness begins her dance   He cannot bring himself to it His lips form the […]

Pine: new historical flash fiction

Pine  A story set in the Great Depression, when farmers were encouraged to sign on for New Deal benefits, and infrastructure made its way into the hill country.     Continued on Flash Fiction page:   Learn about Inimical (novel)    

Third Tourmaline: A Friend (part two)

  A Friend (part two) “Only if I can help you with anything. We’re checking the neighborhood, that’s all. Have you got enough to eat?” “Never mind food,” she said. “Can you hold something for me?” For a moment, she’d weighed this plea. She thought it wasn’t much to ask. She doubted Anton could do […]

Are You Jealous (first): short story

Are You Jealous   A package. Gabriel heard Eva’s voice . . . her put on voice, he called it. She spoke this way to delivery people, sing-song, thanking them, ushering them out the door. He heard the door close, slue into its frame with a rush of air followed by the metallic thunk of […]