A Folly Series Primer

A Folly series primer


A Folly Series Primer


Now that the folly series is into its third story arc, I think it might be helpful to those who are seeing these poems for the first time, to get some background.

The folly is one of those Victorian-era architectural fancies landowners built to amuse themselves and their guests. The year is 1933. The host, never named, has bought this structure—considered haunted—as a separate parcel, the estate’s owner having suffered at the Depression’s onset, a reduction in fortune. The setting is the county of Somerset, for no particular reason, but because I let my characters choose who they want to be.

At one time, the original owner had tried to fix the drains, and instead misaligned them. A period of heavy rains backed water into the cellarage; because water attracts drifting spirits, the rains carried all the ghosts of the region who had not crossed, to the folly…where, because the folly’s interior features a wonderful example of questionable taste—a huge stucco chimneypiece festooned with colored marbles—each ghost got captured, one per marble.

Because the circumstances of their deaths have left them angry and unreconciled, (excepting the Celts, who are merely heathen, and must remain in limbo) the ghosts can be freed only by being given the chance, during a sitting, to tell their stories and find themselves forgiven.


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