The Impresario: an alphabet (part nineteen)

  Part Nineteen   She rubs her cheeks and neck, not for cold If the night feels chill, to her this trial seems welcome She wishes she might bear the world’s pain Enduring all, if by some alchemy He might bide in warmth and tender sleep She slips onto her knees, and bowing over Clenched […]

My Curious Reading: Connections, Discoveries

    Introduction:   In actuality, do we need customer reviews? People reportedly give a greater number of ratings in the four-star range than any other. We withhold a degree of our enthusiasm, we don’t five-star as often…and what makes a thing good, but not very good, fair but not good, we haven’t fully decided. We leave […]

The Professor’s Fate: Hammersmith (three)

The Professor’s Fate (three)   He’d sat up in bed, and heard the rain still pelting, rat-a-tat-tatting off some plane of the inner house, where a leak had sprung. He’d known he wouldn’t sleep. The roar of the deluge appeared soporific enough for the Professor, curled on the bed’s other side with his back to […]

Unfortunate Death: Eighth Calmacott

  Unfortunate Death   Coincidence. “Good you’re home in time, Arthur. You’ll have a guest for lunch.” I heard a smile in her voice…she would not have smiled Knowing I was home. I could hear their talk, although the Door was closed. Stewart had followed on my heels, fretting. “Goddamn you!” He’d near trod on […]

The Impresario: an alphabet (part eighteen)

  Part Eighteen   The vintner’s house still darkened By a shade. And it, avenged or no—he sees it now —will never loose its hold A girl knocks begging for a room and offers gold He has not spoken even to his servant For many days Yet seeing a daughter in her guileless eyes Says, […]

Mack Talks War: Hammersmith (two)

Mack Talks War (two)   “Thank you, Mr. Derfinger. I’ve had a chill, ever since I took that soaking in the flood.” Hogben hadn’t needed to say this a second time, but making excuse, lest the gossips take hold of his reputation before he’d made use of it himself, he did…whisky for medicinal purposes being […]

The Smell of the Crowd (poem)

  The Smell of the Crowd   see justice pulled from the frying pan nicely crisped at the edges, greased both sides you may say, done the owner considers the tone a diminution in the smell of the crowd his helpers lose keenness for their work all of them wishing to be at home, bucket […]

Henry Calmacott: Seventh Calmacott

  Henry Calmacott (part two)   She is a young woman still. Thirty or thereabouts, I’d guess And when I’d walked out with Bess, once Or twice Met her down the Ram’s Took her to the picture show Right enough in the head, those days. Jealous though. Now they say, these many years Has let […]

The Impresario: an alphabet (part seventeen)

  Part Seventeen   “How long ago,” the seer begins “Though not so many days have passed And yet, how long ago it seems…” The Dauphin interrupts. “Vraiment! For a great, tedious time, Pierre, you have been talking. See, Tortu has gone to sleep!” “My old master, him I’d told you of (Pierre disdains to […]

Hogben and Shaw: Hammersmith (one)

Hogben and Shaw (one)   Hogben and Shaw climbed down into the root cellar, one after the other; Shaw, a respectable parasite, from wanting to be useful. Hogben, because he hadn’t seen it yet. He’d otherwise sized up every inch of Mrs. Bard’s place. He would like also to learn if Shaw was suggestible. “Quite […]