Calmacott’s Brother (part two): Second Calmacott


guest ghost appearing in Follymichael draws from henry the memory of moonlight excursions


Author’s note: This gentleman turned up in the background of my first illustration for Calmacott’s Brother, so I’m letting him have his moment.



Calmacott’s Brother (two)


It was full dark by that time

We were not prisoners, only crippled men

Most, pleased enough to find their beds, but I—

‘Lieutenant, you’re well recovered,’ the doctor said

That mate of mine I’d introduced you to


Barnstow, and Quartermaster Jones, had got our orders

In Blighty we were safe from harm

In Blighty would remain

I’d spun a yarn

Camped like gypsies underground

A raiding party foraging

But bound to make amends one day

Keeping good accounts

‘It’s our chance,’ Barnstow said.

He’d plucked my sleeve. It’s our chance, Michael.’

Do you recollect, Henry, how nights when the moon was full

We’d drop over the window ledge and roam the fields free

Bathed in astonishing illumination

So I’d supposed, as I’d been nominated chief

I still would know the country

A landmark would remind me

The devil walks by night, they say, we three

Having cast our lot with him, must pray he give us sight

We dossed in open air, hid ourselves by a hayrick

But when I awoke, the other two had gone

I may yet meet them on this side of things

But on that day, I met the farmer’s wife



The Farmer’s Wife: Third Calmacott


(copyright 2017 Stephanie Foster)



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