Work in Progress

It takes time to get a painting finished. So, since I don’t have the art ready for posting The Impresario Part Three, I thought it would be fun to show the painting in progress.

The Impresario Part Two

In his dreaming calculations lying wakeful He recalls himself, in this bed built for a dying wife Never so alive with fear for his charges He had always paid the roustabouts To guard the wagon, warned Tortu Whose wise and solemn eyes obey To take a crown and buy them cakes To keep his creatures cloaked […]

The Impresario

The care he had taken of her in his first fascination was a rebuke to him in later years He feared love, to feel it, a twining tendril’s prod Her trusting kindnesses make his heart go soft His mind tainted, a sympathy unnatural for property; a monstrosity can be bought for the compensation of a […]

The Cook Part Three

Has the night’s frost made bitter marrow Rows of vine leaves melted on their stakes The pith kiln dried to make a flour For currant bread to celebrate mid-winter The seeds fermented in a pot of vinegar Kneeling men lower their billhooks and stare To see a maiden dressed in white broderie She follows Two […]