That Wrath

He could not be accused of smiling still Did (as in old speech) the sun hold prophecy She held these signs In her cloudless cabochon On frosty ground no evil thing takes root But here seed-heads of autumn grass Boil, and the salt-estuary boils Any bitterns with their bills up Find camouflage uncovered by the […]

The Wife

i. Enthroned within a palace A sumptuous Repast withal She, dressed in gown of damask Flings high her hand, her footman halts “O Fish, who hath bestowed all this, I desire thee make me literate.” *** A rumbling as of earthquake The room grows dark He twiddles fins The room grows light, a lyre plays […]

The Immortal Lake

Now rose like the deadly rhythm of its prose So many letters Sugar in the bowels of flying ants The bartering itself was such an effort Ceaseless work performed to ceaseless song The overseer’s voice coming on The knocking and the pattern carved on trees He, but for his flash of wings, has no other […]