Sequence of Events: Chapter Ten (fifth)

Summers hadn’t bothered switching on the overhead light, but straightaway crossed to the window, shimmying his bulk past a file cabinet, and around the corner of his desk.  There were three file cabinets in Summers’s office, one coat rack, one visitor’s chair; the free space—a clearing the size of a welcome mat—given to the door’s sweep. […]

Sequence of Events: Chapter Ten (fourth)

He did not have the consolation of insight.  If he’d been capable of introspection, of the ability to reason abstractly—that elevating quality, touted as man’s superior gift over the dumb animal—he might suspect his fall had been a culmination…a culmination of lifelong setbacks, inclining (or, one might say, declining—but taking the long view, Bruner wasn’t sure […]

Sequence of Events: Chapter Ten (second)

Stanley has returned to the exact spot, to the olive-colored sofa, to the seat nearest the armrest at his right hand, to the round satin pillow.  The pillow is also olive, and he sits fingering it—he remembers the pillow; he had caressed its gliding fabric while his niece served him tea, that day.  His thoughts […]

Sequence of Events: Chapter Ten (first)

Moving On Man will remain, to dream as he hath dreamed, And mark the earth with passion.  Love will spring From the tomb of old affections.   from The Indian Advocate—uncredited *** Phillip found himself catching up to Stanley.  The last time he’d seen the back of Stanley’s head had been the day he’d brought […]