Short story: Are You Alienated (final)

“Within reason,” Minta said. “I don’t know,” Torbay told her, “that anything I’ve uncovered is very unreasonable at this point.  It’s curious, or sad, in a way, how benign it has all become.  But, of course, the elder Emmett did great harm in his day.” “Then why were you so discouraging?” “I was not discouraging,” […]

Short story: Are You Alienated (forty-third)

Minta remembered Valerie sending links about the St. Petersburg trip.  Ordinarily, her mother-in-law was more of a beach cabin vacationer.  Quentin, who would not fly, was at least willing to drive.  Occasionally.  Minta had not seen the trip as beyond coincidence—she’d had no context for it.  She did now. “John,” she said, “you can’t tell […]