Short story: Are You Loveable (final)

Not wishing to be held responsible for the state of the room, he hurried out.  He saw—and he shuddered at the sight—the exit to the fire ladder.  Bright sunlight cut across the hallway rug.  One of us, Mulhall said to himself, as he turned away, ought to have closed up properly. He found the washroom.  […]

Short story: Are You Loveable (fifty-first)

“Alfred,”  Paulette said, “you’re too hard on Oland Coleman.  You know,”  she glanced at Mulhall.  She lowered her voice.  “A lot of people thought Daisy pushed George.  Even after the judge gave Oland four years.” “Coleman,”  Oliver said, “let a woman push him around.  He would have murdered a guy, ’cause she told him so.  […]

Short story: Are You Loveable (fiftieth)

Oland’s attorney had found himself hemmed in.  Gibbs had three powerful witnesses.  Daisy Bradshaw, lacking credibility, would likely make up for it in palpitation.  Mabel’s bit was circumstantial, but crucial.  A wealth of insinuation could be derived from the picture—and Gibbs painted vivid pictures—of Oland trailing after George and Daisy.  Then, Gibbs had found the […]

Short story: Are You Loveable (forty-ninth)

Daisy, had she known, would have accused Dennis Gilbraith of dirty dealing.  He might, conceivably, have got Daisy off lightly.  But he was not pitching for a fine, nor was he negotiating for six months.  A theoretical jury would be confronted with a number of challenges.  Daisy’s intentions.  Her pattern of behavior.  Her adultery—which led […]

Short story: Are You Loveable (forty-eighth)

Snedden, Lawrence G., addressed his fellow jurors.  He had so identified himself during the jury selection process.  “Get my name right,”  he told the clerk, with a hostile friendliness.  Everyone knew Larry, the public accountant, but that was not a reason in itself to dismiss him from the Coleman jury.  When it became clear that […]

Short story: Are You Loveable (forty-seventh)

Dennis Gilbraith considered his client’s host of pending offenses.  First, her poisoning escapades:  George and Mabel.  Mabel was willing to testify.  George was a question mark.  And a nuisance, by all accounts. The charges would take same proving.  He marked them as negotiable. Second, her assaults:  Dot and George.  The assault on Dot was non-negotiable.  […]

Short story: Are You Loveable (forty-sixth)

Alfred Oliver was lunching with George and the Stonemartens.  Dot had aligned profitably with Alfred.  A rumor had been shaken from the local grapevine; but Dot had heard the story already.   Family reputation having been compromised by Daisy’s arrest, Mabel had distanced herself by going on record.  That was what mattered. “Should I put this in […]

Adventures in Research: The Reindeer Racket

An advertisement from the Carrizozo Outlook of Carrizozo, New Mexico, November 1, 1918.  From the Library of Congress archives.  It looks like Santa is hatching a plot in cahoots with a sinister figure of indeterminate age.

Short story: Are You Loveable (forty-fifth)

Dr. Venier said, “Oland, do you see the orange?” Oland sat forward and looked widely to his left.  He scanned the doctor’s bookshelves.  He glanced apprehensively at Dr. Venier.  “Oland,”  Venier said patiently, “I have placed an orange on the table.  Do you see it?” “An orange on the table,”  Oland said. “Pick the orange […]

Just a little cat drawing

I like to capture the orneriness, when I sketch a cat.