Short story: Are You Loveable (twenty-fifth)

“Let’s find out if he’s alive,”  Paulette said.  She hurried to the stairwell.  Oliver followed.  Paulette, hampered by her oversized smock, held onto the railing with both hands.  “Come on, come on,”  she urged Oliver.  They heard stirring below.  A second door, creaking on its hinges, banged.  The door creaked back into place; with an […]

Short story: Are You Loveable (twenty-fourth)

“It was her.” “He told you?” “As good as.” The presence on the stairs moved again.  The sound of work boots contacting concrete grew louder.  A hand seemed to grope at the doorknob and fall away, irresolute. “Listen,”  Paulette whispered.  “You saw the head nurse.  What was that word you used?” “I didn’t say anything.  […]

A Mini-Essay on Art

I came across these old drawings.  I did a lot of this sort of Sci-Fi art at one time.  When I made art to please myself, I enjoyed making pictures like this; when I went to art school, I found discouragement directed towards the Sci-fi themes—to the extent that I painted over a lot of […]

Short story: Are You Loveable (twenty-third)

“It’s getting hot,”  Paulette told Oliver. He looked over his shoulder.  The elevator chimed.  Its doors jerked, but did not open.  A moment passed; they jerked again.  This time the doors, under protest, slid into their recess.  The head nurse exited. “Are you taking your break, Paulette?” The head nurse said no more.  She had […]

Short story: Are You Loveable (twenty-second)

Oland thought this over.  “I don’t see how he could get to the window with a broken leg.  Maybe he would fall out of bed.” “Ain’t nobody,”  Daisy began.  She slurped lemonade in dark meditation.  Ordinarily, she kept up her standards.  The Bradshaw house was a place of culture; culture that would one day exert […]

Short story: Are You Loveable (twenty-first)

Oland Coleman sat on Daisy Bradshaw’s Davenport.  Daisy was in the kitchen.  The Bradshaws lived in a white-clapboarded Craftsman bungalow, among a row of identical bungalows, each on its fifty-foot lot.  Oland, from his uneasy perch, watched Daisy through the kitchen doorway.  He saw her cross into view.  He stared as she leaned into the […]

Short story: Are You Loveable (twentieth)

“Is he awake?”  The voice was like the heel of a shoe striking hard linoleum. “Sure he’s awake.  See?  You made him jump.” “Where were you trained?” “All over the place.” The head nurse looked on this agency specimen with doubt.  The girl was small.  Her ill-fitting smock draped over her shoes.  Her cap, despite […]

Short story: Are You Loveable (nineteenth)

“Well, he didn’t kill anyone.  I just thought of him, ’cause,”  Paulette said, looking at Mulhall, “he had a funny name.” “He was a funny guy.  The only reason he didn’t kill anyone was because George Bradshaw had idiot’s luck.  Why wouldn’t you go stand on the edge of a cliff, after your wife tried to […]

Short story: Are You Loveable (eighteenth)

He expected them to laugh, but he confessed it: “Trehawke.” They laughed.  Specifically, Oliver snorted, and Paulette giggled.  She repeated the name to herself, giggled again.  “Cut it out,” Oliver admonished. “My mother,”  Mulhall was quick to explain, “finding herself alone, returned to Sheffield.  She had no one to advise her,”  he added, for the […]

Short story: Are You Loveable (seventeenth)

“I spent my formative years abroad,” he told her, looking down surreptitiously.  The viscosity of the Angermeier grease was such that, where his ham sandwich had oozed, rainwater beaded.  Mulhall noticed mustard on his necktie.  Perhaps he was a mutt.  Internally, he began to feel a certain unease—the effect of the indelible grease combined with […]