Short story: Are You Adaptable (tenth)

“This is not the place.” Stenner touched her left arm lightly, pointed with his right hand up the brick pathway.  “Your intuition is good, though,” he went on.  “Walk with me a little farther and I’ll show you.” Intuition, Beloye thought, wasn’t the word.  She had too much imagination.  Even so, she was pleased, rather […]

October Art: “You and I”

I’m making some progress in photographing art. This doesn’t show the true colors, but I put a spotlight on, and got the focus sharpened up.  I’ll have to buy another spotlight and see if I can use a different setting on my camera without producing glare.

Short story: Are You Adaptable (ninth)

“Lunch?” Beloye texted to Nola, the next day, Saturday. “Or coffee?” “Where?” “You decide.” Nola chose Radice’s.  Coffee, Beloye supposed.  On the other hand, Nola might feel depressed.  If I were depressed, Beloye thought, I’d have doughnuts for lunch.  And french fries. Radice’s could supply only the doughnuts. Dan walked into the bedroom.  Beloye noticed […]

Short story: Are You Adaptable (eighth)

“Sure,” he said, “but you have to think about motives.” ‘So you’re saying,” Dan said, “this was some kind of stupid joke.” “Motives,” Stenner repeated.  “Nearly everything comes down to money, one way or the other, but consider,” he leaned forward, particularly addressing Dan. Heidi, sitting on Stenner’s right, leaned forward, blocking the view. “Those […]

Short story: Are You Adaptable (seventh)

His mother, Stenner told them, was recovering from surgery.  Temporarily, just, he wanted to emphasize, for a few weeks, he was caring for his mother’s Pom, Trinket. “You’re looking after your mother’s dog,” Heidi said. “Shut up, Mom,” Dan told her. For the dog’s own good, Stenner wanted Trinket outside as much as possible.  Trinket, […]

Short story: Are You Adaptable (sixth)

Beloye started, scooted against the armrest.  Stenner shrugged equably, moved next to her.  Nola darted in, carrying plates. “I’ll sit on the sofa,” Heidi said.  Breathing with exertion, she edged between the table and the sofa; she dropped next to Stenner. “You’re Nola’s friend,” she told him. Before he was able to speak, Nola herself […]

Short story: Are You Adaptable (fifth)

“This is Stenner,” Nola told Beloye.  Stenner offered his hand.  A nice looking man, Beloye thought.  She introduced herself, while Heidi bustled, pulling down, from an overhead cabinet, glasses she’d put away minutes ago.  Dan, irritated with his mother, was getting beer out of the refrigerator. “Why do we need glasses?” He stood bent over, […]

Short story: Are You Adaptable (fourth)

Beloye could see the sense of it.  She and Dan were never going to be married.  The house would never have been bought had she not become co-party to the loan.  Now the house might never be sold.  Through some alchemy, her parents were willing to help with rent, but wouldn’t contribute to the mortgage […]

Short story: Are You Adaptable (third)

“The economy is picking up,” she had mentioned. “Yeah,” he’d begun, “and being a rich guy, I feel like I can take some of the credit for that.  I don’t wanna brag, naturally, but, you know, I buy myself a new car, a Rolex, I drop a thousand here and there, it helps create jobs […]

Short story: Are You Adaptable (second)

The vacuum motor drilled and whistled, grew in pitch and volume, retreated, swelled forward, repeated.  Boz flung himself into sheltered space, behind the shoe rack.  He snagged a claw on Beloye’s toe in passing.  The hangar she held, was at that moment withdrawing, grappled with another garment, both fell. Heidi had told her, “You need […]