October Art: “You and I”

Posted by ractrose on October 31, 2014 in Art

  You and I Stephanie Foster Oil on canvas, 25 inches x 30                   A modernist design, inspired by the 1930’s, with shapes that take on a semblance of life and activity, and suggest the plains of an art deco penthouse.   Cat Face  

The Scientific Method: Adventures in Research

Ordinarily, I don’t editorialize when I introduce an “Adventures in Research” subject.  The stories ought to speak for themselves. However, I will introduce this item with my own “Ball of Fire” story. (Not the “Shower of Sparks” story; that’s another thing.) Some years back, I was setting about to make popcorn. I had the oil heating […]

Safety First: Adventures in Research

From the Nottingham Evening Post, Wednesday 18 October, 1950, “Bomb Head Find”. Workers in Nottingham discovered an unexploded WWII bomb, one fitting neighborhood recollections as having failed to go off during an air-raid. The workers winched it up, and putting the question to the test, extracted material from the head, then touched a match to […]

Cats gone by: Guilty Parties

My one-time cat-friends. I was looking though an old photo album for art subjects.  These pics are from the ’90’s.  My gang of white cats (I once had five) are all gone now, most having lived to nineteen. Lorenzo, the Maine Coon, used to sleep wrapped around the table leg like that. Seymour is peering […]

Elucidate: go without fear (psalm twenty-seven)

    Elucidate   You elucidate, I comprehend; I awake to your Destruction of my sin This illusion of the mortal vehemently dispelled Your ardor crosses the celestial sun The mistaken falter, are cast down Blood and gold Reaching, holding still You have contemplated me I have obtained grace End this time of trouble Finish, […]

Theft and Trousers: Adventures in Research

  A nicely choreographed scene, from the NYT November 6, 1894: “The Burglar Stole His Trousers”   In Bayonne, New Jersey, a burglar entered a Mr. Darvel’s home, forcing him at revolver point to give up his trousers. The trousers had fifty dollars in the pocket. The burglar retreated, and Mr. Darvel took action, firing […]

Master of Lunacy: Adventures in Research

  From the Taunton Courier and Western Advisor of 5 July, 1882: “Alleged Insanity of a Somerset Gentleman” The gentleman on examination was a man of property. His wife had petitioned the Commission of Lunacy to declare him “of unsound mind”, allowing her to protect her husband’s assets. A Mr. Nicholson, Master of Lunacy, presided […]

Tear Gas and Salesmanship: Adventures in Research

From the NYT of September 25, 1936. “Tear Gas War on Bootleg Miners.”  During this period, the coal mines in Pennsylvania, racked with strikes, had incursions by bootleggers—miners illegally harvesting coal to sell, generating an income they would otherwise have lacked in the midst of the Depression. The mine owners hatched a plan to smoke them out […]

G. Frisbie Hoar Tells It: Adventures in Research

I recently read a NYT obit of George Frisbie Hoar, political veteran of fifty-plus years, Massachusetts Senator, anti-imperialist, who died in 1904.  I was curious to learn something about Mr. Hoar, because he may be a distant and peripheral family connection. I enjoyed this excerpt illustrating his oratorical style (and which bears on the Spanish-American […]