Like Hell (poem)

    Like Hell   On your honor Or upon your oath Do swear to, or in association with (at any rate) Today you see there’s advantage in planning ahead Just where it tells most, go slot in a word That’s no one’s bond, assuredly not yours Not only because they used to Used to…? […]

The Cook: part three (poem)

    The Cook: part three   Has the night’s frost made bitter marrow Rows of vine leaves melted on their stakes The pith kiln dried to make a flour For currant bread to celebrate mid-winter The seeds fermented in a pot of vinegar Kneeling men lower their billhooks and stare To see a maiden […]

My Blog Week: July 8 to July 14

All the Latest from Torsade!                     Last week, chapter three ended; this week, chapter four, “The Eye of a Magpie” began, of the novel A Figure from the Common Lot, with section i., The House of Gremot. We are back in Honoré’s world; he has arrived […]

The House of Gremot: part two

A Figure from the Common Lot The House of Gremot (part two)                   “I did write, madame.” “But, now you are in America, you choose to go by a different name.” He mistrusted these prompts. For two years, although far more often than otherwise, the officials he’d […]

A Titled Visitor: Hammersmith (twenty-two)

Hammersmith Chapter Twenty-Two A Titled Visitor         Vic, as Aimee with Curach, longed for an opportunity to pull (in this case, Monty Hogben would have to do) a confidant aside and ask—what’s it all about? Mossbunker’s height put the two of them knee to knee, and Vic bounced along eyeing the mogul’s […]

Flash Fiction: Fallen Short

Fallen Short                 Darian thought an attic window black as that could not be empty behind the glass. But no one who’d broken the others could pitch a stone to reach so far. She’d wondered if this were true. The V between the front porch roof and that […]

Drimoct (poem)

    Drimoct   It’s always argued on the basis of the extrous Strouphes three or four times on the consciousness, then exits The whole surrender into pestiour leads to this defaulting mood I mean the yoyunk sort of pestiour, that comes from lack of roots Then the smart ones hustle in, and it’s all […]

What’s the Game: Hammersmith (twenty-one)

Hammersmith Chapter Twenty-One What’s the Game         “Jane, are you feeling braced?” She lowered her voice; she didn’t bother whispering. Curach, again sitting across from them, in a cab once more, could not only hear…his posture—leaning, hands on knees—showed him an active listener. Jane was looking sleepy, but she absorbed the question. […]

La Catastrophe de la Martinique: thirteen

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (thirteen)                         Those Who Have Seen    VIII. Some Interviews   How was the destruction at Saint-Pierre accomplished? By what force were they thrown to earth, set afire, these ruins through which, in so sorrowful a promenade, […]

The Totem-Maker: Jealousy (part ten)

The Totem-Maker Chapter Two Jealousy (part ten)           Under the pavilion the women lounged, Lom and I fanned, and Madla’s servant carried samples to each, for rubbing between fingers, for admiring the shades of woven thread…two or three, or several…to the effect of one shimmering hue. From her book came samples, […]