Charity: Haunt of Thieves (poem)

    Charity   The camp takes all the rising ground On the delta’s city side Driftwood split, stakes driven in and roped paper and cloth of every color, every kind partition quarters curtain sleepers Hard-faced pounding builders making use of time New shelters in construction catching wind like kites Fortress blocks dragged up on […]

My Blog Week: Nov 4 to Nov 10

All the Latest from Torsade!                 You cannot put dead things on trial Gibbet the limbs and rags that hang Already from the blasted stump I paused beside my father at the station He held a flag I may have seen it jostled From his hand his eyes […]

The Regent’s Bastard’s Grandson: First Wake

  The Folly Wake     The Regent’s Bastard’s Grandson   And what do they keep in their reticules It has been his job to make them give these over This post a vulgar letdown, but Wake earns enough To keep the rent up While these holiday-makers, these thieves of the Queen’s revenue These women […]

Let Them Go: Ninth Calmacott

    The Folly Calmacott’s Brother     Let Them Go   ‘How does your mother do?’ Henry’s mind’s eye flashes him a slender shaft Of sun, a halo of blue sky, some other sense raises With a vividness that flicks him on the raw A smell of pipe tobacco and horse stall Old Atkins, […]

La Catastrophe de la Martinique: twenty-nine

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (twenty-nine)               And it is important to say, because it would be odious to allow the propagation of this absurd legend—survivors imploring for help, and receiving none. Dedicated people, doctors, soldiers, police, the simple citizens, have climbed through the ruins of Saint-Pierre […]

Unfortunate Death: Eighth Calmacott

    The Folly Calmacott’s Brother     Unfortunate Death   Coincidence. ‘Good you’re home in time, Arthur. You’ll have a guest for lunch.’ I heard a smile in her voice…she would not have smiled Knowing I was home. I could hear their talk, although the Door was closed. Stewart had followed on my heels, […]

Haunt of Thieves: War-Making

    War-Making   The blue soldier’s tunic Dangles a last brass button as though the gamble Of trade advances nothing where an unhoused man can look able to shift a pallet of brick, he commands the only currency And pallid sick, blue in the face with sunken chest Breeds invitation to a potshot He […]

My Blog Week: Oct 28 to Nov 3

All the Latest from Torsade!               Vote, Everybody!         This week ends Blog Care, and Monday begins Neglected Projects Week. I still have plenty of posts to review, but I’ll scale that back and work again on writing. I will still be posting The Folly, and […]