La Catastrophe de la Martinique: ten

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (ten)           It seems to me, when my memory before my eyes evokes the spectacle…it seems to me that I become stupid again, as I was made when the boat had stopped, when a canoe landed me on the beach. Once, from a savage, […]

Tactical Exercises: Hammersmith (fifteen)

Hammersmith Chapter Fifteen Tactical Exercises         Mrs. Frieslander volunteered to work the tuning forks. The weight of these had nearly burst the seams of Minnie’s reticule, as she recalled, back then… She hardly knew what to think of herself. She said this aloud. Mrs. Frieslander suspended a fork in abeyance. Ruby heaved […]

Yoharie: Report from the Trenches (part two)

Yoharie Report from the Trenches (part two)         She was sensitive to the critic’s take. Of walls (stone) she’d seen erected a million times—“Get a sense of humor”; “Grow a thicker hide”…and the several variations: “C’mon, the guys are just letting off steam”; “I dunno…that stuff doesn’t bother me”—the implication was reliable. […]

When You See God (poem)

    When You See God   When you see god nose your horizon Inconvenient choosing the hour before the alarm goes off Before you lift your fork Before you find your pen and jot your thought An acronym, had it been? for blunder A plan you’d had to get thinner By mistake you run […]

Assorted Opinions: A Cross Between

    A Cross Between             As Torsade’s mission in part, is always to stand for misfits and outsiders, and to help in any way possible disassembling the bullies’ toolkit, the serious question of humor keeps cropping, and needs addressing analytically—whenever we see another rearing-of-the-head, of: “My offense was only […]

My Blog Week: June 10 to June 16

All the Latest from Torsade!                     This week, in A Figure from the Common Lot: Peas in a Pod (part five), Richard has a serious fight with Lawrence, and ends up feeling he bears the weight of the world alone. Monday, The Totem-Maker, “Jealousy” continued, the […]

Peas in a Pod: part six

A Figure from the Common Lot Chapter Three Peas in a Pod (part six)         Richard agreed, on both counts. He said so…and there was a quiet space between them. Mrs. Purfoy suspected him of idling, he thought. But Thomas’s business was his own. “Mr. Richard.” He cleared his throat. “I like […]

Lonely in Its Reckoning (poem)

  The Folly The German Spy     Lonely in Its Reckoning   Agnes justified on the day of her promotion The old women to her sister’s marriage filing The church gained down pitched channels Mostly arid, stepped by feast and famine Fiery sky…and flood Fiery sky And flood again    neighbours dressed in veils Veils […]

Want Nothing Will Write: Hammersmith (fourteen)

Hammersmith Chapter Fourteen Want Nothing Will Write         Aimee had taken one seat, facing the caboose, and Hogben had taken a prod from the passenger behind’s umbrella. He scuttled between seats and came to rest across from her, murmuring, “Pardon me, Mack.” “Well, here we are.” Aimee offered this, and her companion […]

La Catastrophe de la Martinique: nine

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (nine)                     VI. The Funeral Boat On Land…What We Saw There   I had seen the volcano in passing near the coast, aboard the Saint-Domingue. I had observed the terror it threatened to hurl upon Fort-de-France. I wanted to […]