In Memorium: A feisty, funny little kitty

In Memorium: Gretel cat     Video: Love Bomb II       A Little Joy       Caught Alone   Loved one, they gather on the stairs The passageway is closed The door will jar against a darting shape Unnoticed, their kind, snuffed in the daily cataclysm One will tear the fabric Go […]

The Bog: part eight (short story)

The Bog (eight)     “You know Harry?” he said. “Pretty well.” “So you know Stonemill Market is pretty well empty. They got that off-road bike dealer opened up now, and they got that one restaurant.” “I can’t think of the name,” she said, because he’d paused here. “Uh. Who cares? No, I’m saying, if […]

The Day You Were Born (poem)

  The Day You Were Born   Cock an ear, your master’s voice, drip or pebble Distracting drumbeat, or is it heads-up Heads-up, Dodge Ball You can be the smart one, saw this coming When the world was blind You can find yourself at the center of a bridge A rope bridge, working itself untwined […]

My Blog Week: Nov 12 to Nov 18

All the Latest from Torsade!           The week began with A Figure from the Common Lot: Battlefront, this time seguing to section two of chapter one, “Imprisoned”. Honoré, having for Clotilde’s sake placed himself in the hands of the Prussians, has no proof to persuade them to release him. A new entry in […]

Imprisoned: part one (continued)

A Figure from the Common Lot Imprisoned (one, continued)   And it was to a nagging sense of disbelief that, without coming fully awake, Honoré regained consciousness enough to ask himself, how could it be Fulner? “Even battle must end at nightfall. And further, sorting them now would be impractical. But of course, there are […]

Are You Haunted: part one (novella)

  Are You Haunted (one)               O happy living things! no tongue Their beauty might declare: A spring of love gushed from my heart And I blessed them unaware: Sure my kind Saint took pity on me, And I blessed them unaware.   Samuel Taylor Coleridge The Rime of […]

Another sampling of The Totem-Maker

  from “Crafter Becomes Maker” (excerpt)     One, that for so long had refused to be shaped, kept its eyes closed. I knew the totems well now, and knew it contrary. At last, it had woken itself when I’d decided to leave it outdoors. You dislike the cold, perhaps, I’d said to it. Cold […]

A Titled Visitor: Hammersmith (twenty-two)

  A Titled Visitor (twenty-two)       Vic, as Aimee with Curach, longed for an opportunity to pull—in this case, Monty Hogben would have to do—a confidant aside and ask: What’s it all about? Mossbunker’s height put the two of them knee to knee, and Vic bounced along eyeing the mogul’s chin (not to […]

Are You Alienated: conclusion

Are You Alienated (eleven)     “John’s friend,” Torbay said. “Ilya.” “The owner,” Emmett austerely corrected, “is Mr. Virgil. Ilya has no money of his own.” “Art,” Minta asked, “has a system?” “If you had read the sort of adventure yarns that I grew up with…” Torbay gave her a once-overing look. “Which seems unlikely…you’d […]

Bad Counsel: part one (short story)

Bad Counsel (one)       This is one of the bigger things, this teaching of lessons. We descend a hill, soon to stand among the cattails at the lip of the frog pond, with Andrée and Sam Magruder, a man who may be her father. Here is Leo Magruder’s daughter, coming down, holding out […]