Night Bird (poem)

  Night Bird   Are you only flying for a season, night bird The owl’s talon in the gloaming takes you And the rat’s wary eye sees a feather Fall by moonlight as he noses through A quart jar’s broken neck This to a stumbling knee is bloody tragedy But who grubs away at the […]

Are You Alienated: part seven

Are You Alienated (seven)     A name caught her eye. Below the title, at the entry for the middle book of the series: Stranglehold: 1913-1919, Years of Conflict, Minta noticed the words, “Foreword by Roland Slater, Ph.D.” She thought, there aren’t likely to be two of them. And she still had Dr. Slater’s email […]

It Spoke of Its Broken Bones (poem)

  It Spoke of Its Broken Bones   The language master tracing lines of typeface with his finger The bronze smith’s Victory and Lamentation Her strength in dry dirt bordered with Black shadow All bedlam courses past She lights her wings unfurl With an odor of things suspended Warm stalls imbued with reverent thought of […]

The Bog: part five (short story)

  The Bog (five)     “Vanilla cookies.” It was how little they really knew each other. They’d had these holidays…Laurel visiting, happy her Dad seemed settled in with Debbie, but bored in their house, miserably eager to leave them. The house was near an overpass; it caught a constant rise and fall of grinding […]

Promoted to Exile: conclusion

Promoted to Exile (three)   If he liked looking at it as his advocate would have him do, Herward could say the affair had served to call attention to his availability. They wouldn’t like him entrenched in his work, proprietary in mood, growing secretive because he liked his reputation, lying, at length, to protect it. […]

A Figure from the Common Lot: Battlefront (third)

A Figure from the Common Lot Battlefront (three)     “He will be pleased, then,” said the other, “to be seen by the Emperor.” “It is always my hope,” the officer said, glancing at Honoré, then looking across the table and meeting the eye of the correspondent, “that ambitious men will, by the grace of […]

My Blog Week: Oct 8 to Oct 14

All the Latest from Torsade     The second installment of A Figure from the Common Lot, in which Honoré had his adventure with the Garde Mobile, and helped Legère hide the pototoes, went up Sunday, October 8. On Monday, “Chum”, an early poem from The Nutshell Hatches, was featured. “Are You Alienated” (six) brought Minta home, to […]

Utter Blame: Fifteenth Tattersby

  Utter Blame   ‘De Clieux reports the Celtic daughter could be raised— His bride full willing,’ the host, sardonic, says ‘So far south as Quimper; the Contessa di Baruchi Has invited them to stay. And what can be the meaning of that puppy-doggish eye…?’ He demands of the guest. No sense being envious. ‘Hardly […]

Pour Some Gravy On: Hammersmith (twenty)

  Pour Some Gravy On (twenty)     Piggott came to sit, next to Hogben, settling into this chair with a luxuriant spread, and motioning to the waiter attending them. “Give me a slab of that roast…pour some gravy on. Think I’ll have a bite after all.” He winked at Mossbunker. The next half-hour went […]

Sheila What’s Happening to Us (poem)

  Sheila What’s Happening to Us   …the mystery is how they’re getting in Like a pod-born infection of the country’s youth One day your daughter is perfect and wears a dress Joins Mom and Dad at the breakfast table Spoons her oatmeal, studies for a test One day a hippie cat with a reedy […]