Alarm-Posts and Signal-Posts: (episode sixteen)

Inimical (episode sixteen)             Chapter 7 Alarm-Posts and Signal-Posts   “Top-off, Half-gone,” murmured the mouse. “They are such curious names, I cannot but wonder at them.” “That’s because you are always sitting at home,” said the cat, “in your little gray frock and hairy tail, never seeing the world, and […]

Free for All: Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction Free for All   Suzette, who was going to teach her how to sell lip gloss, nail polish, body cream—H.E.N., the name of the line (it had a meaning, and then it had another meaning)—had a drawing-in-of-the-lips habit. She had long, impractical fingernails. She’d laughed, in a tolerant enough way, leafing through registration […]

The Little I Can Tell (third sample)

The Totem-Maker The Little I Can Tell (third)   I have never known my age…but only that, at some age of awareness, I began to mark the seasons. By my unhappinesses I could count these as different, one to another, a chronicle in fault and shortfall. My early years gave only the mildest of joys. […]

The Mutual Friend: Inimical (episode fifteen)

Inimical (episode fifteen) Chapter 6 The Mutual Friend     “When I got home; I mean in reality when I got home, I knew Al had something on his mind. I found out what, the first time I did the shopping. Because, you see, I always put a dollar in my hairpin jar every week, […]

My Blog Week: Feb 11 to Feb 17

All the Latest from Torsade!                                           Book One: 1870-1871, of A Figure from the Common Lot, came to its conclusion with this week’s episode. Honoré, loosely supervised, returns to the pursuit of his own interests, […]

Jerome (part one): A Figure from the Common Lot

A Figure from the Common Lot Book Two: 1876         Chapter Two Possente Spirto   i. Jerome   On an oxbow The current passes A fallen tree, submerged At a cross-angle, green murky-brown Depths, hot from the sun The surface still, gnats rise Kingfishers, blackbirds, bank swallows The river has right-of-way   […]

Yoharie: Kate Hibbler and Mat Busby

Yoharie Kate Hibbler and Mat Busby     At one time, it had been the Witticombes, and Cathlyn Burris. Then awful Trevor; lately, the Yoharies. The Yoharies were different… “Like every kind of different.” The annexation was from 1987, the ring of houses around the subdivision’s cul-de-sac once showcases, one for each configuration the builder […]

Are You Haunted: part twelve

Are You Haunted (twelve)       He stood before a subterranean lake, black as obsidian. But now and again, as though the orchestra tuned its instruments, the shivering note of a violin or a piccolo would coincide with an expansion and compression of the lake’s surface. However, Rohdl thought, he ought not to be […]

The Mutual Friend: Inimical (episode fourteen)

Inimical (episode fourteen) Chapter 6 The Mutual Friend       They made her a grave, too cold and damp, For a soul so warm and true; And she’s gone to the Lake of the Dismal Swamp, Where, all night long, by a fire-fly lamp, She paddles her white canoe…   The Lake of the […]

How Does It Work?

What is Torsade Literary Space?   Originally, a personal blog I started when I was trying to drum up notice for my novel, Inimical (2014). Being new to the business of publishing; being a rural person, I was looking for promotional tactics that were within my scope. Bit by bit, I learned, and my writing […]