Are You Alienated: part four

Are You Alienated (four)   “If I look you up,” she asked Emmett, “what would I find out?” “You might try the experiment now, if you are really interested.” Minta thought she ought to. It hadn’t occurred to her to use her phone. But no, she realized…she would probably find out nothing, or he wouldn’t […]

Corey Jack’s Misery (poem)

  Corey Jack’s Misery   He’d been going good Corey Jack, thirty-nine One Italian heel on the ring Pomps his hair like Elvis this time Gauges, ’cause he tracks these things The young guy in the mirror Just shift around and tug out his lapel Mostly thin Mostly cool Talking to this broad, who’s a little […]

The Bog (part two): short story

  The Bog (two)   “So if I start choking after a while, just ignore it.” He barked out another of his bitter laughs, and stalked himself back to his lost place. “What I’m trying to say…what I’m trying to say…we got a preserve here, we got a refuge two counties over, we got a national […]

Fourth Tourmaline: Sympathy for the Torturer (two)

Sympathy for the Torturer (two) He had been walking, fingering out the remaining jam from the jar. He would have to go on carrying this glued, more or less, to his sticky hand. He’d darted away from washing in a public fountain, seeing an officer ride up on her motorbike. As the gossip had it, […]

My Blog Week: Sept 10 to Sept 16

    This week began with a promo post, “Coming in October!”, that features links to two YouTube videos for my serial novel’s debut, with musical themes to accompany the imagery. Also on September 11, a new entry in the Corey Jack series, “Working Overseas”. Corey meets friendly Stan, who seems to know things. “Royce’s […]

The Hothouse Rose: Twelfth Tattersby

The Hothouse Rose   ‘You’ll have to get rid of that woman’ Her voice rings oddly clear, a piercing ray of sun snowcaps Mrs. Kentworthy’s hair His housekeeper meets his eye; a glance up from her cleaning kit And withering glare, that says indeed, keeping fealty with the name she bears, ‘I’ve worked many places, […]

Movie of the Week (poem)

  Movie of the Week   A small man climbs Hurries but keeps his hand clamped that it glide in care Care not to lose that grip For him each splintering riser yawns And the rail sits to mock his inches Like a tool that measures, the bar insists “You must be so tall” The […]

Are You Alienated: part three

Are You Alienated  (three)   “Uh huh,” she answered. “She does. We do.” “You live in a neighborhood within a community. You hob-nob among family, friends, co-workers…and neighbors, as one supposes. Many of these people are known to you; many are liked by you. Some, you dislike. “Let us postulate, for the sake of example, […]

The Bog (part one): short story

  The Bog (one) “You’re confined in this place. You…and one relative. Spouse,” he said. “Child, sibling.” The speaker prompted; he spotted examples in the crowd, and pointed. And each of those he pointed to, three or four among a group of reporters, off-duty sheriff’s deputies, and protestors, laughed; by this self-conscious laughter, becoming vaguely […]

The St. Bernard Hotel: Hammersmith (eighteen)

The St. Bernard Hotel (eighteen)   The St. Bernard Hotel had a back way in, that allowed a cab to draw to the curb; the front, which they’d trotted smartly past, a narrow vermillion door next to a bay window stacked under a second-floor counterpart. And through this paned glass poised above a railing, Aimee […]