Are You Jealous (third)

  Are You Jealous (third)   Inside, Gabriel had a moment to look around. The shop seemed empty. He felt that a tone had sounded as he’d opened the door, an oddly discreet and undefinable note which was not a bell nor an electronic bleat, but resembled the high register of a Buddhist temple chime. […]

Revisiting the series start: The Folly (poem)

  The Folly   I appreciate I’ve been not working hard I’ve been accused of haunting without spirit   Always a proper subject at a dinner Always a diner eager to try himself Sorrowing eyes that by mid-course will make themselves Felt in the bones, couched in marbles in stucco “Ugly as sin,” smiles the […]

Edwytha’s Plait: Eighth Tattersby

  Edwytha’s Plait   Terror, when it comes, warms the night Fallen close and hard of breath like a parachute’s muffling silk and chill Night Borne opaque the face of pity Mirrored in the watcher’s eye The plain below Sinking to the cataract Emerging hidden under rock Mimicking Edwytha’s plait The waters keen And he […]

Interview with Jerry Beamhead

A cartoon guest-post from J.B. Biggerstaff.              Interview with Jerry Beamhead.             1) So, Jerry Beamhead, you are a reanimated severed head. Does a beamhead have memories?         2) Second question. So, you say you don’t remember yourself. Would anyone who’d known […]

Taste is Victory (poem)

  Taste is Victory   Taste is victory You may as well not look Chaos, my partridge, is like The eye of shame in poor attire Swiveling and cocking As with these fowls I carry to the village fair Feathers ruffle and each movement stirs the air   Once I began to earn my pay […]

Crafting Poetry: Dissonance

Crafting Poetry: Dissonance Dissonance can be a poet’s carefully deployed tool. We can achieve dissonance on the page, a visual effect, or—if the poem is read aloud—stage direction, using line drops, font shifts (large to small, bold to italic, black to barely legible), ambiguous punctuation, words abutted against other words, deliberate misspellings, puns. In “The […]

The Impresario: an alphabet (part two)

  Part Two   In his dreaming calculations lying wakeful He recalls himself, in this bed built for a dying wife Never so alive with fear for his charges He had always paid the roustabouts To guard the wagon, warned Tortu Whose wise and solemn eyes obey To take a crown and buy them cakes To […]

Safety First: Adventures in Research

From the Nottingham Evening Post, Wednesday 18 October, 1950, “Bomb Head Find”. Workers in Nottingham discovered an unexploded WWII bomb, one fitting neighborhood recollections as having failed to go off during an air-raid. The workers winched it up, and putting the question to the test, extracted material from the head, then touched a match to […]

Corey Jack series: Paranoia (poem)

Paranoia   Fixed in Corey Jack’s mind His paranoia, so-called A prophetic vibe he has known as a birthright The pictures given are all wreckage Windows busted out with a blackened lick of flame A rank of old acquaintance wasted, cause If you get the breaks you get a diploma A contract from the state […]

Third Tourmaline: A Friend (final)

  A Friend (final)   The corporal’s impulse to friendship had not been blunted by Anton’s discouragement. He called again, and when all the silver had been polished, and the furniture sat adorned with it, winking at envy, Herward made a suggestion. “Some of the new officials . . . you know, the city is […]