My Blog Week: Jan 14 to Jan 20

All the Latest from Torsade! This week’s featured cartoon, from Heat’s On!                 In A Figure from the Common Lot: Imprisoned (part nine), Honoré, thoughts drifting as Michelet walks Mignonne, recalls how his money disappeared, and how he began his journey to the battlefront. Monday’s Inimical had Malcolm-Webb […]

Passage: part one

A Figure from the Common Lot Passage (one)       iii. Passage   In the dark, he dressed hurriedly. The windowpanes, even on the inside, were covered in frost. Honoré’s train would leave at the earliest hour; the knowledge had made sleep impossible. During his convalescence, he had been given the things he needed: […]

You Never See It Coming: Hammersmith (twenty-five)

You Never See It Coming (twenty-five)     He had lost out on the chance to get up to Philly and talk in private with le Fontainebleau. Even this, thinking of it, irritated Shaw…not merely because he was soft on Aimee Bard, and might have permitted—for the duration of a train ride—this daydream, safe enough. […]

Yoharie: Valentine (excerpt)

Yoharie Valentine (excerpt)       “Valentine.” The manager’s name was Dawkins; they called him Donk…not clever, but for some reason supernaturally right. Donk’s habit was to cast an eye from Val’s hair to his shoes, a rape-threatening eye. It was the term Val and Sasha, in the kitchen, laughed over, liked using. Donk always […]

Are You Haunted: part ten

Are You Haunted (ten)       Tovey drank, then leaned with the bottle still between his lips to tap Powell. Powell took his turn, timing his swig to match the length of Tovey’s. No one had asked for glasses. He passed the bottle up to Alfin’s father. When it came Lois’s turn, she dropped […]

Turning the Corner: Inimical (episode six)

Inimical (episode six) Chapter 3 Turning the Corner         Prompt and appropriate change of voice and manner in harmony with the changing effects of language, is indispensable to the art of expression. Discourse is often like the dissolving view, interesting and effective largely from its contrasts. It requires one or more of […]

Marketing for Misfits: Social Media

Marketing for Misfits: Social Media You are trying to sell your writing.   You don’t have hordes of friends; you don’t have a big, happy extended family who will follow you unconditionally and like all your posts. You need social media—because it allows you to get out of your immediate environment; because it gives you […]

Poppets (poem)

  Poppets   This beanbag poppet with a muslin skin Made to dance on its stubs Given vocals pitched high Pinched out of a pocket to tell of How it lounges most hours in a hammock Wasting time There’s a second poppet Made of calico and yellow floss Your Savior did not teach with these […]

Soldiers of Peace: Inimical (episode five)

Inimical (episode five) Chapter 2 Soldiers of Peace       After dropping his piece at a sub-editor’s desk, Malcolm-Webb used an office phone to make a series of inquiries. “Well, it was Boyle’s idea,” he told his listener, off-hand. An auditor would hear a reporter, following up leads. “You may accuse me of going […]

My Blog Week: Jan 7 to Jan 13

All the Latest from Torsade!               A Figure from the Common Lot: Imprisoned (part eight) brings Honoré money from two unexpected sources, an overture of friendship, and a fresh angle on having his way. On Monday, the first entry from Chapter 2 of Inimical, introducing Geoffrey Malcolm-Webb, and some […]