Sequence: Rite of Spring (part one)

Sequence of Events Chapter Five Rite of Spring (part one)               Not much, I know you prize/What pleasures may be had Who look on life with eyes/Estranged, like mine, and sad   “From The Hymn of Empedocles” Matthew Arnold     Talou had not, after all, tracked his prey […]

Haunt of Thieves: The Wayfarer

  Haunt of Thieves Book Two                                   II.   The Wayfarer   Where miles-long grow embattled limbs Above the sea, salt-hardened, east-laden Shading pathways wound through sand and scoured stone Each stone an anvil shape, every tangled crown Untossed […]

My Blog Week: Oct 7 to Oct 13

All the Latest from Torsade!                 🛠🛠🛠🛠   Readers, today’s episode of A Figure from the Common Lot completes the novel. The time has come for me to spend two or three weeks on blog maintenance. The checklist includes all posts and pages, reviewed for the latest formatting, […]

A Figure from the Common Lot: conclusion

A Figure from the Common Lot Chapter Four The Eye of a Magpie section ii. Élucide (conclusion)         Jerome had been Ebrach’s reason for arriving and was his reason for leaving. And what was Ebrach to Jerome? A kind of cicerone, helping him to make his way in America. Or a kind […]

Purity (poem)

    Purity   Can you be more use to the world? Wend into your twilight and return your minerals The tab-man counts the unatoned dollar Spent to see firsthand A grateful Europe wrought upon by science You accept that power seeks its balance That men of vision won all this for you You accept […]

Totem: To Be and to Choose (part three)

The Totem-Maker Chapter Four To Be and to Choose (part three)       “The case is that known to some of you, of the slave Hanit. She had been sent to bear a gift of wine to the marriage feast of Vlan Androchas. This wine was poisoned with the seeds of the rosira tree; […]

La Catastrophe de la Martinique: twenty-five

Jean Hess La Catastrophe de la Martinique (twenty-five)           When M. Jalabert received the dispatch, where M. Landes spoke of the possible fall of the Morne-Lacroix, and of the consequences, he thought it best before posting this, to communicate it to the governor. “There was nothing immediately threatening in the dispatch, […]

The Lab-Grown Brain Makes Short Fiction (poem)

    The Lab-Grown Brain Makes Short Fiction   It is a lawnmower at rest. She took a mulish seat on the holiday bus. And told herself calmly, you don’t want to frown now you’ve put out the jaywalker. Or whatever jargon states the case these days. You don’t think that would be very nice, […]

Sequence: Brickbats (part three)

Sequence of Events Chapter Four Brickbats  (part three)       “Ethan, make Harvey an offer on this place, why don’t you? Harvey doesn’t like me for a friend. But he likes you.” “You’re wrong, Junior,” Harvey said. “I doubt anyone likes Ethan. Now I think of it, I suppose it would not tarnish your […]

Haunt of Thieves: part seven

  Haunt of Thieves Part Seven   “Fling to the devil what you will Your brass is a thief’s for the taking But deal as your faith demands Do you suppose they offer peace― Go, gather in the coals they’ve thrown And make trade with them coin for coin” Now so close, and baldly seen […]